Cell hawks: the criminal «Baghdadi» is moving in hiding in Syria


4/17/2017 0:00

Confirmed that securing Baghdad and the provinces achieved after penetrating the wall of «Daesh»
BAGHDAD / Saad Al-Samak
While speculation began about the fate of a gang leader «Daesh» terrorist Ibrahim al-Samarrai, alias «« Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi »take its way in the international media, most notably the leaks about his arrest by Russian intelligence, hawk intelligence cell in the latest a statement to« morning », that« the criminal confirmed «Baghdadi» is still alive in Syria and moves inside the Syrian border strip adjacent to Iraq ».
President of the hawks cell and director of intelligence and counter-terrorism at the Interior Ministry, warned during his speech to the “morning”, targeting “Daesh” for what he called the country’s “political terrorism” post-liberation of Mosul.

He said: ” The ” Daesh “gang is seeking to expand its strategy with some of thebeneficiary political figures from the terrorist invasion of the northern provinces.”
He added that “it happened in the previous period through the intervention of some political figures in the work of the security forces by pressing to prevent the arrest ofterrorist elements, as well as to prevent the Iraqi army from entering Fallujah and claims to prevent the armed forces from entering Nineveh, and it comes in the framework ofimpeding military efforts to accomplish the armed forces The crowd popular edits Baltoukitat specific. ”
And on securing the situation in Baghdad and the provinces, the head hawk cell that said ” the cell strategy summarized thus, (you are when you want to secure Baghdad put you carry out quality outside the province to areas under the control of ” Daesh “to hit their populations and their camps and penetrate the internal security wall of the terrorist gang) and we have achieved even it became the terrorist guidance center (plaything) However ,our personnel, because ( the hawks) are where they should be. ”
He noted the intelligence director, to “implementation of several quality of operations and the destruction of two sites in the valley Algdv deeply Western Sahara, as well as hit important sites in Qaim and around which was a place to prepare and launch ofoperations and suicide bombers to Baghdad and the provinces, where he was recently hit four goals important and 3 additives as well as a blow in Diyala and some arrests in positions of depth in Nineveh and targeting their headquarters in Qaim and Abu Kamal. ”
The cell head of the “cell Hawks implemented a new plan to address some of the leading targets of terrorist in Nineveh , ” and stressed that ” the ” Daesh “presence in the nearby houses of people them making human shields will not hamper the work of the liberated forces that surprised the enemy ‘s military and intelligence tactics, and the liberation ofNineveh is just around the corner, where we hope to announce the commander of thearmed forces will soon liberate the whole of the land of Mosul , “asserting that” theliberation of Nineveh will lose “Daesh” its ability to attract a lot of terrorists abroad after Oohmanm that it can stabilize and continue to occupy the place. ”
He added that “tenderness will remain the last place and the den to organize” Daesh “after elimination in Iraq and the terrorist organization name is erased from the presence in the region after its liberation.”
Director General of the intelligence revealed that the terrorist enemy “Daesh” operations arrests organization among its ranks and citizens alike , in the Qaim area for fear ofleaking more information about the presence of elements in new locations in those areas , which is a center for the control of the link between the leaders of the “Daesh” in tenderness and their ingredients in Nineveh and the remnants of the organization in some areas it is not cleared from the remnants of the
terrorist. “


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