Our forces are preparing to storm the Mosque of Al-Nouri


4/17/2017 0:00

Penetrated deeply into the ancient city of Mosul

¶ open safe corridors to exit families from the besieged neighborhoods

Mosul / morning

Days after the last approaching the features of the great victory over the gangs “Daesh” terrorist, few hours after the incursion into our depth in the nearby city of Mosul, announced yesterday liberation surrounding areas Balhdaba to separated from the large-Nouri mosque a few meters and is awaiting the orders of the military command to break into, which is the last and the most prominent symbols of ” Daesh “in Mosul.

Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat was announced, that “pieces of federal police rushed yesterday at dawn operation a surprise detour from the dairy bar area towards theold city and penetrated 200 meters where the distance.”
He pointed out that ” the enemy retreats and elements of the defeated Axis , ” noting that ” the Federal snipers stationed on the roofs of buildings and impose its control over thesurrounding area Balhdaba and target suspicious wheels and armed persons.”
A spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command, Brigadier General Yahya Messenger also, revealed that federal police forces and rapid response surrounded theold city completely revived and cut off supply routes that were relied upon terrorists Daesh shy Alzenjla and July and is continuing the process of incursions into its depth, as separated by a very small distance lighthouse site humpback collector Nouri gives optimism in the approach of liberation and give away Bushra cleanse the entire old area.
He noted that the joint pieces liberated most of the areas on the right coast, as recently cleared wells neighborhood and village Chewsh Tal Asfour and imposed control over thesouth bank of the Tigris River, as well as liberated analyte village and perpetuated contact with the north of the right areas of the coast and the control of the Sham Gate , which is the western entrance of Ayman Mosul ,
was quoted correspondent “morning , ” Colonel in the fight against a terrorism Duraid said confirmed that ” the machine forces stormed at dawn yesterday neighborhood of Sheikh Fathi quality of the process and managed within a few hours of imposing the full control of the neighborhood after clashes that killed a number of Aldoaash including three suicide bombers, while keen this The Forces to open safe corridors to exit families from the neighborhood , which is the oldest western axis areas  in
Mosul. “


Cell hawks: the criminal «Baghdadi» is moving in hiding in Syria


4/17/2017 0:00

Confirmed that securing Baghdad and the provinces achieved after penetrating the wall of «Daesh»
BAGHDAD / Saad Al-Samak
While speculation began about the fate of a gang leader «Daesh» terrorist Ibrahim al-Samarrai, alias «« Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi »take its way in the international media, most notably the leaks about his arrest by Russian intelligence, hawk intelligence cell in the latest a statement to« morning », that« the criminal confirmed «Baghdadi» is still alive in Syria and moves inside the Syrian border strip adjacent to Iraq ».
President of the hawks cell and director of intelligence and counter-terrorism at the Interior Ministry, warned during his speech to the “morning”, targeting “Daesh” for what he called the country’s “political terrorism” post-liberation of Mosul.

He said: ” The ” Daesh “gang is seeking to expand its strategy with some of thebeneficiary political figures from the terrorist invasion of the northern provinces.”
He added that “it happened in the previous period through the intervention of some political figures in the work of the security forces by pressing to prevent the arrest ofterrorist elements, as well as to prevent the Iraqi army from entering Fallujah and claims to prevent the armed forces from entering Nineveh, and it comes in the framework ofimpeding military efforts to accomplish the armed forces The crowd popular edits Baltoukitat specific. ”
And on securing the situation in Baghdad and the provinces, the head hawk cell that said ” the cell strategy summarized thus, (you are when you want to secure Baghdad put you carry out quality outside the province to areas under the control of ” Daesh “to hit their populations and their camps and penetrate the internal security wall of the terrorist gang) and we have achieved even it became the terrorist guidance center (plaything) However ,our personnel, because ( the hawks) are where they should be. ”
He noted the intelligence director, to “implementation of several quality of operations and the destruction of two sites in the valley Algdv deeply Western Sahara, as well as hit important sites in Qaim and around which was a place to prepare and launch ofoperations and suicide bombers to Baghdad and the provinces, where he was recently hit four goals important and 3 additives as well as a blow in Diyala and some arrests in positions of depth in Nineveh and targeting their headquarters in Qaim and Abu Kamal. ”
The cell head of the “cell Hawks implemented a new plan to address some of the leading targets of terrorist in Nineveh , ” and stressed that ” the ” Daesh “presence in the nearby houses of people them making human shields will not hamper the work of the liberated forces that surprised the enemy ‘s military and intelligence tactics, and the liberation ofNineveh is just around the corner, where we hope to announce the commander of thearmed forces will soon liberate the whole of the land of Mosul , “asserting that” theliberation of Nineveh will lose “Daesh” its ability to attract a lot of terrorists abroad after Oohmanm that it can stabilize and continue to occupy the place. ”
He added that “tenderness will remain the last place and the den to organize” Daesh “after elimination in Iraq and the terrorist organization name is erased from the presence in the region after its liberation.”
Director General of the intelligence revealed that the terrorist enemy “Daesh” operations arrests organization among its ranks and citizens alike , in the Qaim area for fear ofleaking more information about the presence of elements in new locations in those areas , which is a center for the control of the link between the leaders of the “Daesh” in tenderness and their ingredients in Nineveh and the remnants of the organization in some areas it is not cleared from the remnants of the
terrorist. “


A security expert: Ayman end of Mosul operations around the corner


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said security expert Safa Alaasm, said on Sunday that the end of editing operations right coast from the city of Mosul, “just around the corner.”
He Alaasm, told {Euphrates News}, “We have not left anything and we just around the corner from the right end to the coast of the operations of Nineveh which contains 38 districts.”
He explained, “it left the armed forces only Al – Nouri mosque and a lighthouse B limit, and if it has control of the mosque in the coming days , victory will be ended, as it is considered one of the important collector of light symbols to the media Daesh is the main stronghold of terrorist gangs.”
He noted security expert, that “Daesh site started to boil down movement more, due to reveal their positions on the right coast, where the terrorists more than 32 headquarters was 10 headquarters only leaving a mobile between the house and the other the fact that aviation lookout for them.”
He added that “Daesh used the new plan for adoption by the movement of the headquarters of the leaders.”
And security operations north of Baghdad province, said security expert “We maintain that is fully insured from the north and the south, and these processes limit the operations that take place for a violation of Baghdad,” noting that after the “stop fence Baghdad security we started another plan security to secure Baghdad province” .anthy


Our forces are penetrating deep into the old city of Mosul


17/4/2017 12:00 am

Break into Sheikh Fathi neighborhood and control the strategic bridge

Baghdad / Al-Sabah Mosul / Shorouq Maher

Our advancing factions have come close to resolving the battle to liberate Mosul after they moved into the old city of Mosul.
This came at a time when the federal police and the anti-terrorism apparatus stormed one of the neighborhoods and controlled a bridge
Approaching victory
The spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, Brigadier Yahya Rasool, revealed that the Federal Police and the Rapid Response cordoned off the Old City and completely revived it and cut off the supply routes on which the terrorists relied on from the Zangid and Tammuz districts. They continue the incursion deep into the area. The site of the lighthouse of Hadba and the mosque of Nouri, which gives optimism in the approach of Zuf Bushra, the liberation of the entire old area.
Al-Abar neighborhood, Shuweisah village and Tel Asfour have been cleared and the control of the southern bank of the Tigris River has been cleared. The village of Halilah has also been liberated and a petition has been made with the areas north of the right coast and control of the Sham gate,
From the field, the Federal Police Chief Major General Raid Shaker Jawdat said that pieces of his forces rushed at dawn yesterday by a sudden procession from the area of the bar of Albanians towards the Old City and penetrated within 200 meters. The enemy forced the Daashi to retreat and his elements fled the battle.
Jawdat said federal police snipers were stationed on rooftops and imposed control over the area surrounding the Hadba lighthouse, focusing on the targeting of suspicious vehicles and armed terrorists.

Attitude of the Old City
The correspondent of “Sabah” quoted the Colonel in the federal police forces Ali Qasim, confirming the killing of dozens of people, including Arab and foreign leaders, as our forces continue to advance amid close clashes within the narrow alleys of the old city and with careful air support and care for the lives of the remaining family members in their homes. That the federal police forces were able to kill 37 daids in the cycle of the head of the street and the clock and the coffins and the role of the hawks Square, which is witnessing fierce fighting with remnants of the call. He added that “the federal forces reached the outskirts of Al-Nuri Mosque, facing and dealing with gangs gangs and advocates and suicide bombers,” revealing that the elite forces in the federal police and rapid reaction squad is waiting for orders from senior military leaders to break into the rest of the old city and the Nuri Mosque, Including the most prominent snipers of the terrorist organization.
Qasim said that the forces were able to free three families of Mosulieh held in a warehouse in the courtyard of the falcon, consisting of 18 people, including seven women and three children were transferred to the hospital because of the deterioration of their health because of what they were subjected to by terrorists.
Progress of the fifth bridge
At the same time, Colonel Duraid Said said in an interview that the forces broke into Sheikh Fathi neighborhood at dawn yesterday in a qualitative operation and managed within a few hours to impose full control of the neighborhood after clashes that led to the killing of a number of motives including three suicide bombers , While these forces were keen to open safe corridors for the exit of the families of the neighborhood, which is the oldest areas of the western axis
In Mosul.
Said said that the anti-terrorism forces also managed to control the strategic bridge to cross the hospital after extensive clashes with al-Dawash resulted in the killing of seven of them, pointing out that the control of this bridge enabled the forces of the device to target suicide bombers and snipers deployed on the floors and the surface of the Mosul Hotel in the axis Himself.
He warned that the forces of the device continue to advance towards the fifth bridge and became very close to his position to be controlled and then storming the area of Al-Hawi, which is the most prominent areas of the presence of a terrorist and the most dangerous.

They burned the houses of the displaced
Brigadier General Abdul Karim al-Sabawi, the correspondent of al-Sabah, said that the terrorists burned 30 houses yesterday after stealing all of their contents in the neighborhoods of the revolution, the marshfaq and al-Rifa’i, which are still being usurped from the right coast because of their fleeing from their homes and resorting to our forces in liberated neighborhoods. , Calling gangs urging the owners of these houses to the apostates and threatened to burn every house the family is trying to leave to another area.
A local source said that the gangs had called for the execution of eight members of the security forces, including the terrorist (Abu Abed Rahman al-Hayali, official of the security detachments in the right coast) on charges of treason and leaking information to the security forces after they received an air strike by Iraqi aircraft To gather leaders in one of the houses on the coast itself, indicating that the execution was carried out in front of a group of Almajash for their skills and to be a lesson according to their description.




After fierce fighting .. Iraqi forces advancing into the heart of Mosul


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Since 04/16/2017 18:48 am (Baghdad time)

Follow-up to the balance of News

Iraqi government forces announced the offer to the heart of the city of Mosul in the midst of fierce fighting with the so-called organized Daesh

The army launched a new offensive on the old city after weeks of stalemate in the attempts of the entire Mosul organization restored.

A source in the federal police said the government forces have been fighting house-to-house with the organization of militants Daesh

According to the Federal Police, the “weapon favored by Daesh is a motorcycle bomb in the old neighborhoods of the city of Mosul.”

Iraqi forces said in a statement that it succeeded in progress for about two hundred meters so close to the historical Mosque of Al-Nouri, who has symbolic importance as the organization’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced him what he described as a “Caliphate State”.


The restoration of control of the old neighborhoods of Mosul, proved to be more difficult because of the narrow alleys and streets in these neighborhoods, populated and overcrowded, and the impossibility of deployment of tanks and armored vehicles in these areas, which makes resistance militants to organize Daesh progress in front of the Iraqi forces easy.

There are about 400 thousand people are stuck in the old Mosul, while more than 300 thousand people in the escape successfully since the launch of the military operation to purge the city in October / last October.

Iraqi rapid reaction from the destruction of the headquarters of Daesh in the field at the fifth district of the bridge near the Great Mosque of Al-Nouri and a beacon of humpback in the right side of the city of Mosul and troops managed.

The commander in the fight against terrorism, a Lieutenant-General Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi said that “anti-terrorism forces continue their operations to liberate the rest of the subject areas to occupy Daesh in Tanak neighborhood west of the city of Mosul.

Saadi said in a press statement that the security forces adopt plans and new types of weapons to target insurgents and accurately preserving the lives of civilians.

For his part, said the media spokesman for the rapid reaction forces Media Mustafa Hamid in a press statement “elite units of the rapid reaction forces managed through advance towards the outskirts of the ancient city of Mosul towards the lighthouse of humpback and Al-Nouri mosque targeting and destruction of the headquarters and gatherings of leaders and militants of the organization Daesh specifically in the field district when the fifth bridge near the Republican hospital.

For his part, Council of Nineveh province, on Saturday approached the Iraqi security forces to regain control of the Great Mosque of Al-Nouri in the right coast of the city of Mosul. He said Council member Hussam Alabbar said that “federal police forces and rapid response approached the restoration of a mosque by about Nouri Kamel fled because of Daesh criminal leaders of the mosque,” pointing out that “this place is the headquarters of the start of the alleged caliphate.”

He added Alabbar, ” that “the security forces in connection with the completion of the restoration of a number of old areas,” adding that “Daesh has ended because most of its elements fled, and they can not face our forces in most of the fighting axes.”

is over


The liberation of West Anbar will begin after the Mosul Liberation Journal

April 16, 2017

Anbar – Journal News

The head of the security committee in Anbar province on Sunday announced the date of the battles to clean up the western areas in the province, calling for the strengthening of security forces to hold the border strip between Iraq and Syria.

“The battles to purge the western regions of the terrorist organization, including Al-Qaim, Rawah, Akkas and Akashat, will be launched after the liberation of Mosul with Anbar’s need for additional military forces to clear the Upper Euphrates and catch the border between Iraq and Syria,” Barakat al-Aifan told the Journal News.

“The troops stationed in Anbar now are enough to hold liberated areas in western Anbar and storm the three districts still under the control of the terrorist organization, which requires additional troops and police,” he said.

“The border strip between Iraq and Syria alone requires large combat forces to liberate and secure the border, and to restore the observation and monitoring towers and the security barriers between Iraq and Syria,” Aifan said.



Security sources: the organization “Daash” executed 8 members of the security forces on charges of cooperating with the security forces in Mosul



The terrorist organization has executed eight of its security agents in Mosul.

Security sources confirmed that the Daadash elements carried out the execution of the terrorist Abu Abdul Rahman al-Hayali, head of the security detachments in the right coast of Mosul and seven others, on charges of leaking information to the security forces.

The sources said that the so-called Sharia court of the organization issued a death sentence on charges of treason in front of a group of elements to be an example of those who were considered according to their description.



Abadi adviser: Japan grants Iraq development loans


Baghdad – Journal News
The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the economic adviser to the Prime Minister, on Sunday, the Japanese loan of the best loans granted to Iraq for being long-term and very few financial benefits.

“Japan is one of the countries that loan Iraq with long-term loans of up to 40 years and an annual interest rate of less than 1 percent with grace periods of up to 10 years. It is aimed at restoring water and electricity services, which is called development loans,” Saleh told the Journal News.

“It is possible to take advantage of these loans in the infrastructure towards the rehabilitation of electricity and roads,” he said, adding that “these loans started since 2004 and so far, but faced some hesitation because of the circumstances of the war in Iraq and the entry of a call and the global financial crisis.”

The Japanese embassy in Baghdad announced on Sunday that its country has provided Iraq with more than 5 billion dollars of the Japanese loan.
Fumio Iwai, Japan’s ambassador to the Republic of Iraq, has provided Japan’s assistance in Iraq to the heads of several committees of the Iraqi parliament, committee members and provincial representatives at the invitation of the Foreign Affairs Committee, the ministry said in a statement.


Iraqi forces invade the old city in central Mosul


Baghdad – Agencies

An Iraqi army commander said his forces penetrated 200 meters into the old city on the western side of the city of Mosul, 400 kilometers (240 miles) north of Baghdad.

Federal police commander Major-General Raed Shaker Jawdat said in a statement that “pieces of the federal police rushed at dawn today (Sunday) a process of wrapping abruptly from the area of the bar of Alban towards the old city and penetrated 200 meters.”

“The enemy is retreating and its elements are defeated by the axis,” he said, pointing out that federal police snipers were stationed on the roofs of buildings and imposed their control over the area around the humpback (the humpback lighthouse) and target the suspicious wheels and armed persons.

Iraqi forces have been battling for weeks with gunbattles on the outskirts of the old city where the group has been holed up and used civilians as human shields, forcing Iraqi forces to delay attacks sometimes to protect the lives of civilians held by the terrorist group.

The old city, which is a vital value for the Iraqi forces, the mosque of the great Nuri, announced by the leader of the extremist organization called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, what he called “the state of the Caliphate,” and important historical buildings as a humpback humpback, and ancient markets and heritage and the city is the heart of Mosul and has a special symbol of the sons of Mosul all.

The Iraqi forces began on February 19 the process of restoring the western side of the city of Mosul has so far recovered about 70 percent of its neighborhoods.