Saleem al-Jubouri confirms that the vast wealth that the country is owned by the Iraqi


Are GMT 19:48 2017 Saturday , April 15 / April

 Arabs today - Salim al-Jubouri confirms that the vast wealth that the country is owned by the Iraqi

House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al – Jubouri , the vast wealth that the country is owned by the Iraqi and the new generation is the strategic part of this wealth.

The transfer of al – Jubouri ‘s office in a statement during the dialogue conference of Baghdad Educational saying that “when the content of the reform arises as a solution related to the constituent stages of generations , it means that we are the most serious episode in education, the most important and sensitive.”

He stressed “the establishment of a new understanding takes into account the circumstances of the stage and plans to overcome its mistakes and its complexity and works on immunization generation of potential effects if left without treatment and redress.”

Jubouri called for a serious revolution in the educational curricula Tndij to live up to the scale of the disaster and its aftermath, and take into account the jurisprudence of the crisis requirements, Valemrahal post-conflict and wars need to be an educational and professional educational effort and a mature and responsible.

He stressed “the need to take into account the gradient in the methods of this transformation and as potential obstacles that lie ahead in this project and ways of adapting these methods for the benefit of achieving the desired objectives of education development project.”

Jubouri and “we are about today on the completion of the stage of armed confrontation with extremism and is preparing to run more complex and influential war in victory and defeat, and not up to us enough time to waste and Altadhaaa, limited capabilities to a large extent, but large and great ability size of Iraq and address.”

He stressed “the need for the Ministry of Education has a vision to develop a special approach to the liberated areas and methods of measuring the size of the impact on these generations and methods of treatment and correction in addition to the extent of its potential to create specialized cadres in this project, and the management of community positive impact programs and even the size and type of services provided by local authorities for this layer the oppressed of our people. ”

He pointed out that “the real wealth is not that underground oil and gas and minerals, but the vast wealth possessed by Iraq, the Iraqi and the new generation is the strategic part of this wealth, which are counting on it to build the future and draw a picture of tomorrow hopefully.”

Jubouri said that “the new generation wealth is exposed today to the waste and neglect a systematic process of March part of extremism and helped him folk others are corrupt bunch who worked on emptying the closet country of Iraqi money that was supposed to turn into pens, notebooks, schools and devices electronic advanced techniques teach advanced , a work no less bloody act of offense Altpartya. ”

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