A local official denies that Iraqi forces have been attacked by chlorine gas in Ayman Mosul

Saturday, April 15

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A member of Nineveh Provincial Council Hossam al-Din al-Abbar, Thursday, Iraqi forces were attacked by the “Daqash” chlorine gas in the right coast of the city of Mosul, while confirmed that the Iraqi army has achieved great successes and liberated about 75 percent of the western side of the city.


Al-Abbar said in an interview with Alsumaria News, “The pieces of the Iraqi army heroine achieved great successes in the liberation of the left coastal areas, and what some media reported about the exposure of the units to the attack chlorine gas today is inaccurate and we are on the field.


He added that “the organization of the Dahesh suffered a severe blow in Nineveh and seeks through such unfounded news to influence the morale of our valiant pieces, which taught him a lesson will not forget,” pointing out that “the dashing bombing and killing civilians, and this is proof of his weakness.”


“The army and counterterrorism forces have tightened their grip on 75 percent of the western side of Mosul,” said al-Abbar. “Da’ash controls only the neighborhoods of Wadi Akab and Ureybi, July 17 and July 30 and healing and agrarian reform and old Mosul.” He pointed out that ” And suicide to impede its liberation. “


He added that “these neighborhoods are characterized by being large neighborhoods except for the old Mosul, where narrow alleys delayed some completion of the liberation, but according to military custom, the process of the right coast recorded a victory for our heroic forces,” noting that “the cowardly organization takes civilians human shields and puts his sniper on the houses” .


Earlier on Saturday, local and Arab media reported that the organization of “Dahesh” last night carried out an attack with poison gas in Al-Aabar district, west of Mosul.

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