The US military tested a tactical nuclear bomb


15/04/2017 07:16:00

Khandan – The US military successfully conducted a test of a tactical nuclear bomb was dropped over the site to throw Nevada, according to the official website reported the US Air Force.
The site said that the National Nuclear Security Administration US Air Force conducted a test to drop a nuclear bomb is charged from the”average B61-12″ model, fighter F – 16, to determine the readiness ofthis fighter to deliver this type of bomb and test non – nuclear components in this weapon, including the reinforcement and control system at the launch and altimeter in the radar, missile engines and computer control.

The bomb was dropped in Nelliz complex tests and training, in the first experiment of its kind to drop a bomb B61-12 using the F – 16 aircraft

and the bomb “B61-12” is an updated version of the bomb “B61” tactical made in the sixties of the last century version, according to”Sky News “.


The test while escalating the tension between the United States andNorth Korea against the backdrop of the recent intention to conduct anuclear test or missile new ballistic.

Washington has warned that it may provide military options to deal with Pyongyang, while the naval strike force sent off the Korean peninsula, with growing talk about the possibility of a preemptive strike if diplomatic efforts fail to persuade North Korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions.


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