of the rule of law calls for a boycott of Jordan after the “dos protest images” figures including al – Maliki


State law calls for a boycott of Jordan after the "dos protest images" figures including al-Maliki
42 minutes ago

Twilight News / reported an MP for the coalition of state law by the emotions of thegrace of a group of Jordanians “even threaten witnesses” on the Islamic religious authority figures “and symbols of national” including Vice President Nuri al – Maliki.
She said in an interview reported to Twilight News, that ” a handful of promoters thought takfiri in Jordan” Ttauloa on the authority Ali al – Sistani “and harmed the images axis of resistance and symbols of Iraqi national leaders , including Mr. Maliki, at the disposal reflects what carries them sick of hatred and hatred and intolerance and extremism” .
He added that “these behaviors by the patient wanted to harm the shrine religious reference to Mr. Maliki , known for his principled and firm policy towards the tide plagued in extremism.”
And it demanded that the Iraqi Foreign blessing “Declaration of attitude towards these declared abuses by a handful of scoundrels have forgotten that their country ‘seconomy could fall into the gutter if cut off our trade relations with them and region in all fields, and in the event of failure by the Jordanian government to submit aformal apology to the Iraqi people must resort to cut ties with Jordan. ”
The Jordanian protesters burned pictures yesterday Iranian President Hassan Rowhani , in addition to the leader of Hezbollah , Hassan Nasrallah, to protest what they described as “threats of the Magi to the Sunnis, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.”
Protesters put pictures of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al – Maliki and the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Syrian President Bashar al – Assad and the leader of the Houthi group Abdul – Malik al – Houthi, on the ground and they stepped on them.


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