of fear and hope .. with the return of Christians to their town destroyed in Iraq


Fear and hope .. with the return of Christians to their town destroyed in Iraq
24 minutes ago

Twilight News / after the expulsion of the organization of the Islamic state began Iraqi Christians to return to their town slowly ruined Qaraqosh dominated their concern for their security , but at the same time they hope to live amiably with Muslims from different sects.

The case shows the town, located about 20 kilometers from the battlefield distance with the organization of the Islamic state in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, thecause mixed feelings about the future of the Christian harbors of their community in the region long ago.

In the churches of Qaraqosh that has been vandalized Christians engaged in theremoval of graffiti on the walls by the organization of Sunni militants during their control of the town over two and a half other slogans placed Shiite fighters in theranks of Iraqi forces fighting militants in the streets of war in Mosul.

But shopkeeper close to enjoy a commercial recovery as selling Dutch beer and drink sweat as well as several other types of wines.

She returned about ten Christian families to the town, which was the largest gathering of Christians in Iraq before the takeover of the Islamic state in 2014, encouraged by the proliferation of security checkpoints and patrols carried out by theguard force of volunteers.

Iraqi forces and expelled from the organization Qaraqosh in October as part of anoffensive that began about six months , aims to restore Mosul before. But residents fear that the Shiite slogans show a new kind of sectarian division.

For one of the walls of the Church of the organization of the Islamic state burned aslogan , “Ya Hussein , ” referring to the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

Said George Joseph , who works in one of the churches , “We are afraid of this .. we fear tensions.”

He added Yusuf , who returned after he fled to Arbil , which is about 60 kilometers and is located in the province of Kurdistan , “We want to live in peace and we ask toprovide security.”
Also raise the banner of soldiers of Imam Ali, taken by the Shiite symbol of them, thecity and the military of their vehicles.
Fluttering banners the two other of the Shiites also Qaraqosh.
Most Sunnis, who make up the dominant majority of the population of Mosul, would Shiite slogans as one of making a few religious fanatics played but Christians see it as a sign that their future is still fraught with ambiguity.
He said when a photographer is still living in Erbil , with his family , “Sure , in thefear of those slogans.” “We want international protection.”
Trying to families that have returned to Qaraqosh, where he was staying in the past 50 thousand people, broadcast in the spirit of Christian life dating back to about two thousand years. However , the majority of them stay for two or three days only to renovate their homes burnt.

Another Christian works within the power of volunteers in Qaraqosh but left his family in Arbil “want to go back but there is no water or electricity.”

In contrast , flows displaced Muslims once again on the markets in eastern Mosul since the expulsion of the organization of the Islamic state of it , and that despite theintensification of the fighting on the other side of the Tigris River in another militant stronghold old city in the city.

* Wines shop , the

number of Christians in Iraq from 1.5 million down to a few hundreds of thousands since the outbreak of violence following the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003

and moved many Baghdad residents, who can not afford to travel abroad cost, to Qaraqosh and other towns in the north , usually the security where better than in the capital hit by sectarian violence after the invasion , the US – led invasion of Iraq.

But with the arrival of the organization of the Islamic state residents abandoned their homes and some sought asylum in Europe. Germany alone received 130 thousand Iraqis , including many Christians in the years 2015 and 2016. But the majority ended up in Erbil , where he lived with relatives or in the homes of their costs incurred relief organizations.

Supermarkets and restaurants are still closed in Qaraqosh where the windows crashed and scattered on the ground burning furniture.

The liquor store owned by Steve Abraham in the city center and one of the few businesses that opened their doors again. In the absence of coffee shop it has become a rallying point for residents.

Said Ibrahim , who re – opened the store since shortly with his father ” a good work so far. All come here to buy stocks.”

Abraham and his father had lost all belongings when they destroyed “Daesh” their trade. And about $ now spent tens 400 to renovate the store , which flows by customers now from outside the town and from different denominations.

Abraham said , “I sell the drink for Christians and Muslims alike. Many of Mosul andother towns come.”

As he spoke , a Sunni Muslim from the east of Mosul , his car came to buy a bottle of whiskey and four bottles of beer and put it in a black plastic bag to hide them from the eyes.

The man , who identified himself only as Mohammed was shaking hands withChristians drinking beer , “no one was estimated to drink while there Daesh. I am happy because this store open again.”

But he added : “I still drink only in the house.”

Later it came from a Shi’ite village south of Mosul , to buy wines.

Said after being asked not to be named , ” I come here twice a week. This is the only store in the region.” And he went away with his car.

Ibrahim himself comes from Erbil every day and brings with him in his car , cargo and fuel for the generator to run chillers filled Paljah chilled. Then come back at night.

The potential for the return of more Christians to stay permanently in Qaraqosh for their confidence in the security forces.

The army and the police and seeks to allay fears through the deployment of soldiers in front of churches and even volunteers helped Christians erected a huge cross at the entrance to the city.

In one of the last convoy of soldiers accompanied by weakness in preparing for thecelebration of Easter holiday frame and handed seats on worshipers during Mass.

Some police officers Christians and joined the masses of civilians chanting hymns.

But anxiety is still grips with others around them as they find rows of houses and shops burnt.

The photographer said when “security measures are not enough. We want to take thecity ‘s security.”



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