Iraqi army advanced in Mosul and “Daesh” claims attachable significant losses in its ranks


Are GMT 04:08 2017 Saturday , April 15 / April

 Arabs today - the Iraqi army advanced in Mosul and "Daesh" claims attachable significant losses in its ranks

Elements of the Iraqi army advancing in Mosul
Baghdad-Tai Najla

Iraqi joint forces continued to provide to the old city center, which is within walking distance of the lighthouse “humpback” historic, while revealed the leadership of the popular crowd in Anbar province, about finding documents and maps to organize “Daesh” describes the areas Fajkhha organization and areas of the presence of trenches and secret roads Anbar in western areas. This comes at a time when the publication of the “Daesh” in a magazine his “Anfogravek” showed losses in which he claimed that the attacking forces inflicted in Mosul after 6 months from the start of the fighting there.

He claimed the organization in announcing propaganda that the insurgents had killed more than 9,100 Iraqi soldiers, and fighters of the “popular crowd”, at a rate of approximately 50 soldiers per day, and they wounded thousands more since the start of the battle and declared “Daesh” that 401 armed men blew themselves up in suicide attacks since start fighting around the city at the rate of two or more per day. It claimed the extremist organization, which lost control of the east of the city and receded swath controlled territory in Iraq dramatically, that “destroyed 1675 military vehicles, including 879 Hummer vehicle, 125 armored vehicles, 47 tanks Russian tanks made, and 585 of different mechanisms.

For his part, a spokesman for the Joint Operations Yahya Messenger confirmed that the joint pieces continue to progress in the fighting and “we were able to edit the second Yarmouk neighborhood and move away from the nearby lighthouse humpback distance.” He stressed the Messenger in a press interview, that “the liberation of Nineveh province operations conducted in accordance with a plan drawn plans for the battles” and “progress security forces are being cautiously without civilian casualties.”

He said the fight against extremism device of the Security Council in the territory of Kurdistan , said on Thursday , 13 – 4-2017, according to the information we received, the coalition aircraft targeted the headquarters for “Daesh” in the village “compound bird” of the Baaj district west of Mosul.

The statement added that resulted in the killing of 12 elements of the organization, including two military Kiedian bombing, two ultra-called “Ali Khalaf” Syrian nationality of the people, “Abu Kamal” area, extremist called “Ismail Younis Afri” of the people of Tal Afar. According to the available information, the son of Ismail Afri is one of the founders of the organization called “Younis Afri” which Iraqi security authorities announced his death earlier.

Revealed intelligence director “Brigade steadfastness” presented Nazim Aljughaifi in a press interview, said that “during the cleansing Heat Island battles (70 Ramadi, west of km) and search and secure areas, security forces found a special office for the management of movements and the organization of Daesh were seized documents modern military maps showing areas Fajkhha organization and areas of the existence of secret trenches, roads and communities in their cells and eliminate him Rawa and Qaim western Anbar. ”

He added that “documents and maps used by the organization in determining the positions and Khanadgah and areas of the Ptfajakhha and different ways will contribute to the progress of the security forces and deal with bomb sites quickly during cleansing battles that will target eliminate him and Rawa and Qaim in the past few days.” He Aljughaifi that “all the papers and the secrets of the extremist organization in Anbar and became fully revealed his movements and his plans clear in front of the security forces had inflicted losses Daesh broke his back and could not provide resistance or repel the pieces of combat and air strikes.”

According to a security source said that “security forces arrested four soldiers in possession of more than twenty thousand dollars forged and admitted to the conduct of 40 thousand dollars on the other shops and stores currency in Hit western Anbar.” “The troops also found quantities of narcotic pills in possession of the detainees.”

The Iraqi Military Intelligence Directorate: “The detachments of the Directorate of Military Intelligence, and in coordination with the security agencies in Iraq operations managed to arrest 3 extremists.” She added that “two of the extremists in Wasit province and the other in Dhi Qar province.”

Announced a spokesman for the Interior Ministry Brigadier General Saad Maan, said that “detachments of the CIA and federal investigations in the Organized Crime Directorate, was able to arrest the dealer firearms in Karbala,” noting that “the merchant in possession of 10 Kalashnikov rifles and seven pistols different types and weapon GHADRAH type and 1200 various types and rounds goggles, as well as spare parts for firearms. ” He added that “this process was based on accurate intelligence enabled detachments to keep track of the accused and ambushed him and raided his home after obtaining judicial approvals, were freed minutes of adjusting arms and feet to the judiciary to complete the investigation procedures.”

A security source in Baghdad, said that “the strength of the second regiment of the Fifth Brigade managed to free a kidnapped, and arrested the kidnapper after an hour and a half in the Amil district west of the capital Baghdad area.” “The patrol was exercising its duty to normal in the Amil district, where he called the father of the kidnapped the patrol area immediately has the search process after encircling the area and call the power of another base and a detachment of the rescue Amil district police culminated in those efforts by editing the kidnapped and the arrest of the kidnapper and handed over to the relevant authorities” .


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