The death of the religious Mufti of Da’ash in Mosul


Thursday 13 April 2017 – 19:47 GMT

The commander of the operations of Major General Najem al-Jubouri, reported the killing of Abdullah al-Badrani, nicknamed “Abu Ayyub al-Attar,” the Mufti of the legal organization to advocate the terrorist, an air strike on the right coast of Mosul.

WorldOur Correspondents

For its part, said the Military Information Cell that according to information intelligence cell and security operations are coming Yanui F16 Iraqi aircraft tarnished the pillars of terrorism and carried out several air strikes resulting in strikes:
1 – the destruction of a camp for terrorist gangs where the meetings of the meeting and the targeting of a large gathering of terrorists led to the killing of many of them in the village of Abagala, which lies to the west of the right coast of Mosul.

2. The destruction of a command and control center, which is used as a weapons depot, a wokrin for meetings, a weapons depot, a command center and a control center, resulting in the killing of several terrorists and all the weapons and ammunition that were inside the village of Al-Haliya, which lies to the west of the right-hand coast of Mosul.

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