Europe opens its doors to Iraq


4/13/2017 0:00

Including through strategic projects in cooperation with the government
of Baghdad / Sabah
succeeded Iraqi diplomatic moves and victories achieved by our forces in Mosul, in gaining international support is unprecedented. After the heads of state and foreign ministers of Baghdad visits, the ambassadors of European and Asian countries , said yesterday their full support for Iraq, but the most prominent is the European Union yesterday announced its support fully Baghdad economically and open its doors wide in front of the Iraqi government. In this regard, the head of the European Commission delegation in Baghdad , Ambassador Patrick Simonet: ” The mission discussed with the Iraqi government to support Iraq ‘s efforts differently, it is important to assist them in the public finance management, since the mission began providing support for the development of the economy and file energy, and help Iraq to rely local sources as a rich country. ”
He also noted that ” the mission remain in Iraq and will continue to support him , but they do not want this country to be fully dependent on external financing, but must give space for investment projects and the possibility of its implementation.”
The European mission president that said “support to be provided by the Mission for Iraq during the next phase , ” very important “, he began to launch a number of special education development and curriculum projects, followed by projects for the rehabilitation of schools and the development of private vocational education , oil and the activities of financial management and public work on gas management associated to strengthen the electricity sector and restore stability in the liberated areas. ” As part of a related development , the Japanese ambassador to Iraq , Fumio Iwai stressed his country ‘s keenness on cooperation and communication with Iraq in order to support its stability.
The ambassador said during Tadhaifa in the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations yesterday that the “Japanese loans for Iraq aid is like a very few benefits and within important areas , including transportation, agriculture, oil and industry.”

Association of private banks: the conclusion of a training course for “80” bank employees to combat money laundering


announced the Association of private banks, on Thursday, for the conclusion of the anti – money laundering cycle with the participation of 80 employees working in Iraqi banks.
The ceremony was attended by trainees in the fight against money laundering cycle graduated director of the Monitoring Banking Department at the Central Bank of dividing Saleh and Associate Director of the Banking Department control Emad Mohammed and Head of Private Banks Association Wadih Handal and musician Naseer Shamma.
The executive director of the Association of Private Banks, Ali Tariq in an interview for “Economy News”, “Association of private banks concluded on Thursday, anti – money laundering cycle with the participation of 80 employees working in banks and financial transfer,” adding that “private banks association working to increase the efficiency of workers in private banks and government employees through courses held by. ”
He pointed out that “private banks association trained workers in the banking sector staff on the latest means of combating money laundering in order to protect the country from security risks.”
On the other hand, the director of the Monitoring Banking Department at the Central Bank of dividing the benefit of , at the graduation ceremony said I followed “Economy News”, “the Association of private banks to train bank employees and develop their potential in the field of anti – money laundering and risk management will be reflected positively on the banking environment,” adding that ” the Central Bank is interested in the training courses held by the Association of banks, particularly in the fight against money laundering.”
Saleh praised the “training programs offered by the Association of private banks”, calling for the Association of Banks to ” the need to continue the establishment of training courses for the development of workers in the banking sector.”


US Military Drops ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ On ISIS In Afghanistan


April 13, 2017

The US dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal on the Islamic State in Afghanistan Thursday, CNN reports.

The mission will mark the first time the bomb has been used in combat.

The munition is known as the “mother of all bombs” (MOAB) and weighs approximately 10,000 pounds. The bomb is approximately 30ft long and detonates approximately 6ft off the ground to increase its destructive power.

(This first appeared in The Daily Caller here .)

ISIS’s affiliate in Afghanistan has proved resistant against US and Afghan Security Forces raids.

The bomb was reportedly dropped on Achin district in Nangarhar province, the known headquarters of the terrorist group.

Air Force: the use of laser-guided bombs in Mosul and the end of the battle soon


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Lieutenant General Anwar Hamad Amin commander of the Air Force announced on Thursday, for the use of laser-guided bombs to hit targets in Mosul.
Amin said the team, in a press interview that ” the bombs used by the Iraqi air force in Mosul , laser – guided, and when used to make sure the nature of the target of the Daesh , ” explaining that “this information comes from the intelligence community.”
He added that ” the fighting inside the cities is not easy and sometimes terrorists from moving house to house, so you can not use air force bombs unusual not directed otherwise errors will occur.”
And setting goals, said the commander of the Air Force, said that “it is through coordination between the Iraqi security forces and the international coalition,” you “can not carry out any air strike by Iraqi forces or coalition without the passage of a series of measures , including the target and aerial photographs analysis and then choose right weapon according to the size of the target. ”
He stressed that “most of the information about those goals come from the Iraqi side now , ” denying that “the cost of coalition raids paid by the Iraqi side.”
He explained that ” the battle of the right coast of Mosul , close to the end”, without specifying a date to be resolved, stressing that the primary is to save the lives of civilians there.
With regard to the Iraqi strike , which targeted Daesh in the Syrian territories recently, explaining that ” the strike was directed against three goals, two goals inside Iraq and the third in Syria.”
” The decision was made days of observation target inside Syria after thecooperation with the international coalition, and carried out the strike, which was one hundred percent accurate, after obtaining approval from the Iraqi military command, which in turn coordinated with the Syrian side” .anthy


United Nations: Turkey contributes $ 750,000 to stabilize Mosul


National News Center ( NNC) – The United Nations announced on Thursday that Turkey has contributed $ 750,000 to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Stabilization Fund, which funds quick initiatives in liberated areas of Da’ash in Iraq, noting that more than 200 stabilization projects are ready For implementation in the newly liberated areas of Mosul.

“The Turkish government has contributed $ 750,000 to the UNDP Stabilization Project, which funds rapid initiatives in areas liberated from the control of the Islamic State Organization in Iraq and Syria,” the United Nations said in a statement.

“The Stabilization Project is supported by priorities set by the Government of Iraq and local authorities to accelerate the rehabilitation of public infrastructure, grant grants to small enterprises, strengthen local government capacities, promote civil action and community reconciliation, and provide short-term employment opportunities across Public Works Programs The Turkish contribution will help accelerate the rehabilitation of the main health, education and water facilities east of Mosul. “

“The contribution was timely, more than 200 stabilization projects are ready for implementation in the newly liberated areas of Mosul, and Turkey’s generosity will help ensure that public infrastructure is repaired quickly,” said Liz Grande, the UNDP Resident Representative in Iraq. This is very important. “

Turkey’s ambassador to Iraq, Fatih Yildiz, said that “solidarity is an essential condition for the future of Iraq, and although it starts among the Iraqis themselves, as members of the international community, we must stand united with our Iraqi friends. Building a sovereign, unified, stable and prosperous Iraq, and will continue to do so. We are proud to partner with UNDP today to make our contribution to projects geared towards these goals. “

Urgent coming Aaninoy announces control of the western entrance of Ayman Mosul and edit village analyte


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Operations Command announced the coming Aaninoy control of the control Sham gate western entrance to the right side of the city of Mosul and edit Halihalh village.
A statement of the cell media war received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today from the commander of the coming operations Aaninoy Lieutenant – General Abdul Amir Rashid Yar God to say that the “pieces Armored Division IX liberated the village of analyte and perpetuate the contact with the northern areas of the coast right [Mushayrifa and Hawi Church] took control of Sham on the control gate of the western entrance to the coast right. ”
” We have been liberalized agricultural equipment and stores water, sewage, electricity and liquefied plant analyte company and a building company building of Mesopotamia and the center of adult police reform, the Iraqi flag was raised after the enemy inflict loss of life and equipment.”

Deputy for the Liberal Maliki’s nomination for the presidency of the National Alliance the beginning of the return of “dictatorship”

Editor Rafid Sabar – Thursday, April 13

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Deputy MP for the Liberal bloc Ghazwan al-Shabani, on Thursday, the nomination of Vice President Nuri al-Maliki for the post of President of the National Alliance to the beginning of the return of “dictatorship” and political decisions, “unthought,” wondering whether the National Alliance has been unable to find another figure.

“The nomination of Nuri al-Maliki for the post of president of the National Alliance, the beginning of the return of the dictatorship and political decisions not studied,” Al-Shabbani said in a statement received by Alsumaria News. “This step stigmatizes all those who try to return it to the interests of factional and partisan at the expense of innocent blood Who fell as a result of his wrong policies. “

“What has this personality presented to Iraq only years of destruction and destruction during his rule and the fall of the major cities of Iraq, however, calling for the spread of corruption in all joints of the Iraqi state and the escalation of large political rhetoric, which calls for division between the sons of one country and armies of the unemployed, Sons of Iraq “to” stand firm by declaring their refusal to return the patron of corruption, Nuri al-Maliki. “

“Is the inability of the National Alliance to find a personality to represent it and whether this personality that has inflicted Iraq and the scourge of terrorism and the loss of billions on the imaginary projects and massacres that have suffered our children, including the massacre of Spyker and thousands of widows and orphans and protect the corrupt and exploitation opportunities to play on the strings of sectarianism through Zjh militias shameless in the implementation His exploits and exploitation of the judiciary to fabricate charges against his opponents and all those who deal with his corruption. “

The head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim, called on Wednesday (12 April 2017), to start the procedures for the selection of the next presidency of the coalition, while describing the “national majority” as the “sail of the ship of Iraq” in the next phase, he stressed that the political settlement will preserve the country.

Issue of Kurdistan Region independence referendum in 2017 resolved: Official


The wish of Kurdistan people for independence should be respected

Issue of Kurdistan Region independence referendum in 2017 resolved: Official

Flag of Kurdistan Region.

Erbil (BasNews) A Kurdish official says that holding a referendum on independence in 2017 has been resolved.

Ali Awni, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leadership said the efforts are now concentrated on getting all the Kurdish sides to reach a consensus over the independence, noting that the referendum is a momentous move.

Speaking to BasNews, Awni said a conclusive historic time is ahead the two major Kurdish parties, namely KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

He argued that Kurds have lost hope in coexistence and partnership in Iraq.

The official said the independence referendum has been discussed with all Iraqi factions and foreign envoys.

“We have made our decision to hold a referendum, and this wish of Kurdistan people should be respected,” said the official.

He added that “the KDP-PUK meetings will result in a referendum and then independence.”


Thousands of families return to their areas in Anbar


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registered the Ministry of Displacement and Migration Anbar branch during the past few days [5545] belonging to the districts of Fallujah, Haditha, Ramadi, Khalidiya, Hit, Saqlawiyah family through the branch of the ministry of the registration centers.
According to director of the ministry ‘s branch in Anbar province , Mohammed Rashid , in a press release received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that ” the ministry branch center in the district of Fallujah to register returnee families record 2071] returning family and registration center back modern spend [1,432] returning family , the registration center back gray spend [931] returning family, as well as recording [579] returning family registration spend Khalidiya Center. ”
“As the center scored back to spend the Heat [532] returning family registration and [166] back to the SAQLAWIYA family , ” noting that ” the registration centers continuing registration of returnees for widespread rush to return.”