Europe opens its doors to Iraq


4/13/2017 0:00

Including through strategic projects in cooperation with the government
of Baghdad / Sabah
succeeded Iraqi diplomatic moves and victories achieved by our forces in Mosul, in gaining international support is unprecedented. After the heads of state and foreign ministers of Baghdad visits, the ambassadors of European and Asian countries , said yesterday their full support for Iraq, but the most prominent is the European Union yesterday announced its support fully Baghdad economically and open its doors wide in front of the Iraqi government. In this regard, the head of the European Commission delegation in Baghdad , Ambassador Patrick Simonet: ” The mission discussed with the Iraqi government to support Iraq ‘s efforts differently, it is important to assist them in the public finance management, since the mission began providing support for the development of the economy and file energy, and help Iraq to rely local sources as a rich country. ”
He also noted that ” the mission remain in Iraq and will continue to support him , but they do not want this country to be fully dependent on external financing, but must give space for investment projects and the possibility of its implementation.”
The European mission president that said “support to be provided by the Mission for Iraq during the next phase , ” very important “, he began to launch a number of special education development and curriculum projects, followed by projects for the rehabilitation of schools and the development of private vocational education , oil and the activities of financial management and public work on gas management associated to strengthen the electricity sector and restore stability in the liberated areas. ” As part of a related development , the Japanese ambassador to Iraq , Fumio Iwai stressed his country ‘s keenness on cooperation and communication with Iraq in order to support its stability.
The ambassador said during Tadhaifa in the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations yesterday that the “Japanese loans for Iraq aid is like a very few benefits and within important areas , including transportation, agriculture, oil and industry.”

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