Deputy for the Liberal Maliki’s nomination for the presidency of the National Alliance the beginning of the return of “dictatorship”

Editor Rafid Sabar – Thursday, April 13

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Deputy MP for the Liberal bloc Ghazwan al-Shabani, on Thursday, the nomination of Vice President Nuri al-Maliki for the post of President of the National Alliance to the beginning of the return of “dictatorship” and political decisions, “unthought,” wondering whether the National Alliance has been unable to find another figure.

“The nomination of Nuri al-Maliki for the post of president of the National Alliance, the beginning of the return of the dictatorship and political decisions not studied,” Al-Shabbani said in a statement received by Alsumaria News. “This step stigmatizes all those who try to return it to the interests of factional and partisan at the expense of innocent blood Who fell as a result of his wrong policies. “

“What has this personality presented to Iraq only years of destruction and destruction during his rule and the fall of the major cities of Iraq, however, calling for the spread of corruption in all joints of the Iraqi state and the escalation of large political rhetoric, which calls for division between the sons of one country and armies of the unemployed, Sons of Iraq “to” stand firm by declaring their refusal to return the patron of corruption, Nuri al-Maliki. “

“Is the inability of the National Alliance to find a personality to represent it and whether this personality that has inflicted Iraq and the scourge of terrorism and the loss of billions on the imaginary projects and massacres that have suffered our children, including the massacre of Spyker and thousands of widows and orphans and protect the corrupt and exploitation opportunities to play on the strings of sectarianism through Zjh militias shameless in the implementation His exploits and exploitation of the judiciary to fabricate charges against his opponents and all those who deal with his corruption. “

The head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim, called on Wednesday (12 April 2017), to start the procedures for the selection of the next presidency of the coalition, while describing the “national majority” as the “sail of the ship of Iraq” in the next phase, he stressed that the political settlement will preserve the country.

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