Send thousands of books to Mosul schools


13/4/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Esraa Samarrai

The Ministry of Education announced the delivery of thousands of curricula to the schools of the liberated areas in Nineveh province, while the Ministry of Construction and Public Municipalities is preparing to organize a scientific conference next October to contribute to the reconstruction of liberated areas.

This comes at a time when a British organization continues to provide first aid and treatment for the displaced from the right side because of the practice of gangs “calling” the terrorists against them. Delivery of textbooks to Mosul
The Ministry of Education spokesman Ibrahim Sabti told the representative of “Sabah” Asra al-Samarrai: The ministry sent through its own stores thousands of textbooks to the schools in the liberated areas in Nineveh province, especially the curriculum of the third stage of the medium and included 8, 448 copies of the English language book and 6 thousand and 336 A copy of the English activity, 6,300 copies of the Book of Islamic Education, 6,840 copies of the mathematics book, 8,000 copies of the book of history, as well as the delivery of 28,000 copies of the English language book for the sixth stage
He added that the process of equipping the schools was coordinated between the stores of Baghdad and raising Rabia in Nineveh, noting the intention of the ministry to send more textbooks for the rest of the curriculum.
He said that the ministry has harnessed all its capabilities to deliver books, stationery, trips and other educational supplies to the province of Nineveh in order to restore life to it, which has become a great challenge to terrorism and the victory of science.
For his part, the Director of Education for Nineveh Mohammed Ali al-Tahan for “morning” that the Directorate is working to register the administrative leaflets of the educational bodies of the right-wing displaced in order to pay their salaries, adding that the process of liberalization accompanied by the registration of thousands of bribes and the disbursement of salaries of some of those
He pointed to the existence of coordination with the Directorate of preparation, training and educational development to establish courses for educational staff in Mosul to update their information, especially that leaving them for the educational process within the past two years created an educational vacuum for them and therefore they need to retrieve their information both
His specialty.
Preparations for a conference to contribute to the reconstruction of liberated areas
For his part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities Astbrak Ibrahim Al-Shawk to direct the preliminary preparations for the organization of the first scientific conference of the Ministry in early October.
A press statement issued by the ministry on the thorns said that the conference aims to encourage the scientific research that will be chosen by a specialized committee to be presented during the conference to be organized over two days. He said that the research will include various engineering specialties such as electrical, civil, architectural and others that contribute to the reconstruction of areas liberated from The gangs
Terrorism. He pointed out that the ministry is seeking to encourage scientific research and develop it to contribute to the advancement of the scientific movement of the country, especially that the ministry is the competent sector sector in the areas of construction, service and construction
And construction.
2713 families returned to Anbar and Salah al-Din
In the same file, the director of the Central Department of the Department of Branch Affairs at the Ministry of Displacement and Migration Amer Abbas Zaghir told the representative of “Sabah” Hadir Imad: that 1649 families returned to the districts of Ramadi and Falluja and Haditha, as well as the return of 1064 families to Salahaddin province, Through the branches of the ministry located in those provinces.
He added that the branch of the ministry in the district of Fallujah recorded the return of 683 families, in addition to the registration of the center of the modern district return 806 families, as well as the return of 163 families to the district of Ramadi, indicating that the registration centers continue to register the returnees and enter their data within the branches of the ministry.
Zughair pointed out that the ministry continued its campaigns to distribute aid among the displaced and returnee families. The distribution of 1530 relief aid distributed among the families returning to Falluja district included one ration, one health basket and kitchen supplies.
At the same level, the Director of the Department of the northern provinces in the Department of Branch Affairs in the ministry, Muhannad Saleh told “morning” that the registration centers of return of the branch of the ministry in the province of Salah al-Din registered the return of 1,064 families to the districts of science and the role, indicating that the branch received the returnees’ .

A British organization treats the injured on the right side
In addition, the British “Peace Road” organization continues to provide medical and treatment services to displaced people arriving at the first reception center in the control of the Scorpion on the right side of the city of Mosul. “The organization is actively seeking to treat the wounded from the people of Mosul and to immediately treat them as a result of their deliberate targeting by terrorists, especially children and women,” said the director of the organization, Sally Baker.
She added that the organization’s members are currently in control of the scorpion to wait for the wheels coming from Mosul, loaded with displaced people for the ambulance and treatment of any condition, confirming that what is happening in Mosul is one of the worst humanitarian conditions and the cruelty that has gone through 25 years of work as a result of what the people By terrorists.
She pointed out that the past period saw the adoption of treatment of three children with their families in America and were treated and recovered and returned to Iraq.
The Italian doctor Marino said: “The morning”: that our presence now on the right side of the city of Mosul near the control of the Scorpion aims to aid the wounded from the people coming from areas that are fighting or liberated recently, trying as much as possible to carry out all the aid and treatments required for them. She is striving through her mobile clinics to reach the nearest area of the lines and provide treatment services and immediate assistance to the injured, pointing out that ambulances are equipped with the latest medical equipment, medicines and treatments required.
He added that the organization submitted a request to the Iraqi Ministry of Health to allow free participation in difficult and critical operations for children, noting that this is not the first visit to Iraq, I worked in 2004 in the hospital of the city of medicine in Baghdad with famous doctors including Alaa Makki and I hope to allow me to work Second time in
the hospital.


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