Kirkuk Officials Concerned about Baghdad Delaying Hawija Assault


Kirkuk Officials Concerned about Baghdad Delaying Hawija Assault


KIRKUK — The reason behind delaying an operation to liberate Hawija from Islamic State (IS) is still unknown and the Iraqi Prime Minister is required to clarify the issue, Kurdish officials in Kirkuk insist.

“Postponing the [Hawija] operation affects the security situation in Kirkuk. Some of the Daesh terrorists and sleeper cells captured in Kirkuk are found to be in direct contact with Daesh in Hawija,” said Chief of Kirkuk Police Sarhad Qader, using an Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

The official further explained to BasNews that the Iraqi central government is responsible for the delay in Hawija assault.

Mohammed Kamal, head of brotherhood faction at the Kirkuk provincial council, stated that Iraqi Prime Minister is should clarify the reason behind the delay as it is his government’s responsibility to recapture the town.

Hawija, located in southwest of Kirkuk, is considered a strategic town for Islamic State which is in control of it since mid-2014 after the extremist group crossed into Iraq from Syria and overrun Mosul in the north of the country.

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