Central Bank called for re-evaluated the policy of domestic banks general manager of the Bank of Mesopotamia in a dialogue with (Mashreq): We call for the formation of a committee to adopt the development of economic and financing for a new system of the Iraqi banking policy




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Posted       04/04/2017 04:49 PM

Orient – Special:
invited Mr. Abdul – Hussein Mundhiri General Manager of the Bank of the Islamic government of Mesopotamia to the formation of a committee to adopt a new economic policy and financing for the banking system because of the pressures facing the Iraqi economy because finance is the foundation of the economy at the present time. He Mundhiri, in a dialogue with (Mashreq) yesterday published its details later, the need for “coordination between the Economic Committee in the Prime Minister with the Central Bank of the government and private banks and banks to form a committee develop economic and finance policy of Iraqi banks because funding is the basis of the economy at the present time because of the pressures facing the Iraqi economy. ” Mundhiri stressed that “funding is the one who creates the demand and Anashh and thus increasing the demand for goods and increase employment opportunities for the unemployed and graduates.” Chairman of Rivers Bank reported that “banks in Iraq are two types: government private banks, government banks and banks account for 80% of thevolume of lending Bachirvh while private banks account for 20%, while deposits, government banks , accounting for 90% and private banks account for 10%, this lending in government banks is still higher because of liquidity owned. the private banks in recent years ceased to have private funding for individuals and began to tend to lend to companies for the simple reason because the amounts that lend to companies follow once the amounts that lend to individuals will be the subject of follow – up difficult Leffler What some customers are exposed to security risks, economic and functional for some. Time that Iraqi society is suffering from widespread unemployment, poverty , and these issues are not addressed only loans. In the opinion of individuals financing has to be a priority , such as lending to the unemployed to buy public transport vehicles (taxi) as well as the financing of housing units , Iraq now need three and a half million housing units, and each year needs to increase this number one hundred thousand housing units due to increases in cases of marriage and family fission. ” He called Abdul Hussein Mundhiri Central Bank to “re – assessment of eligibility for banks because Iraq policy in the event of unemployment, poverty and the need for reconstruction must therefore provide support to domestic banks.”




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