Foreign journalists in North Korea gather for ‘big event’ amid tensions


Foreign journalists visiting North Korea gathered in Pyongyang for “a big and important event” on Thursday with tensions high over the possibility of a new weapons test by the isolated state and as a U.S. carrier group sails towards the Korean peninsula.

North Korea marks the 105th anniversary of the birth of the state founder Kim Il Sung on Saturday and in 2012 launched a long-range rocket carrying a satellite to mark the date. It tested a newly developed intermediate-range missile last year.

Around 200 foreign journalists are in Pyongyang for North Korea’s biggest national day called “Day of the Sun”. Officials gave no details of the big event and similar announcements in the past have been linked to relatively low-key set pieces.

Tensions on the Korean peninsula mounted this week as the White House said U.S. President Donald Trump has put North Korea “clearly on notice” that he will not tolerate certain actions and China urged a peaceful resolution of the tension.

Trump has diverted the Carl Vinson Strike Group to near the Korean peninsula, from a planned port call in Australia, in a show of force aimed at deterring North Korea launching another missile. The group is expected to take up to nine days to arrive, U.S. officials have said.

On Tuesday, North Korea warned of a nuclear attack on the United States at any sign of American aggression. The North is technically at war with the United States and south Korea after the 1950-53 Korean War ended in a truce and not a peace treaty.

The North regularly threatens to destroy both countries.

Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke by telephone on Wednesday, just days after they met in the United States for the first time, underscoring the sense of urgency given concerns that the North could soon conduct a weapons test.

Trump said on Twitter that his call with Xi was a “very good” discussion of the “menace of North Korea”. Trump said later on Wednesday the United States is prepared to tackle the crisis surrounding North Korea without China if necessary.

Xi stressed that China was “committed to the target of decentralization on the peninsula, safeguarding peace and stability on the peninsula, and advocates resolving problems through peaceful means”, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said.

A Washington-based think tank that monitors North Korea, 38 North, said satellite image taken on Wednesday showed continued activity around the North’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site the east coast that showed it was ready for a new test.

South Korean officials said on Thursday there were no new signs to indicate a North Korean nuclear is more imminent but said the North has maintained a state of readiness to conduct such a test at any time.

(Writing by Jack Kim and James Pearson; Editing by Michael Perry)


Iraqi Police: Daesh Loses Centralized Command After Top Leaders Killed in Mosul


Flag of the Islamic State in the conflict zone

© Sputnik/ Andrey Stenin

01:12 13.04.2017(updated 02:45 13.04.2017) Get short URL
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Terrorist group Daesh has lost centralized command after its top leaders in the city of Mosul were eliminated by the Iraqi government forces, Iraqi police said Wednesday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Senior Daesh (banned in Russia) militants in the Iraqi city of Mosul have been eliminated by the Iraqi forces and do not have centralized command anymore, an Iraqi police official told Sputnik Wednesday.

The majority of IS [Daesh] militants’ leaders have been eliminated and the rest of them fled. Presently they have second and third-level leaders left. According to our information they are weak leaders. They are distributed around the regions and they do not have centralized command,” Lt. Col. Imad Khalaf said.

Khalaf added that the militants had split into small groups of three or four people, including snipers and suicide bombers.On February 18, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced the start of operations to liberate Mosul, captured by Daesh militants in June 2014. Iraqi and US-led coalition forces liberated the eastern part of the city in late January 2017, while its western part remains under terrorists’ control.


Joint Operations: surround Aldoaash from all directions


4/13/2017 0:00

Federal police confiscated a thousand Katyusha rockets

¶ Intelligence announces the killing of terrorist leaders operating in «the states of the south and Baghdad»

Baghdad / morning   Mosul / Sunrise Maher

Continue to roads on terrorist hideouts Daesh air strikes minutes and prosecution Flolhm defeated by road, which has become completely trapped in the little remaining from the right side which yesterday saw the destruction of tanks and plant booby-trapping and found amassed large rockets in the old city left by these gangs after the defection of its terrorists in front of the rush of forms of our continuous space without respite.
Arab women arrested Daashaat

The Joint Operations Command announced that “our units , with all its different forms encircling the remnants Daesh from all sides in the rest of the revival of the right coast, and that the anti – terrorism device forces broke the defenses of the enemy lines and penetrated deep into the random Tanak neighborhood.”
Correspondent “morning” as quoted by the leading device Ali Mohsen confirmed that theanti – terrorism forces stormed the neighborhood wells and the second was able toprovide during the killing of about 17 Daashaa , including a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt in the western axis of the coast itself.
He said troops also managed the center of the clashes waged in the neighborhood of six women Daashaat detention of Arab nationalities working in the so – called (Office ofcalculation) , while the Be Hidden away inside one of the neighborhood houses, pointing out that the machine forces continue to pursue these terrorists and impose Satrthaaly ratio of more than 40 percent of the second wells neighborhood , which is a haven for leaders and elements Daesh Arab and foreign space.
The anti – terrorism forces have recently freed the first neighborhood wells and re -citizens to their homes. Confiscation of 1,000 rockets  , in turn, told the commander ofNineveh operations Maj . Gen. Najim al – Jubouri, email us, that the international coalition aircraft carried out Saturday night accurate air strikes on terrorist hideouts Daesh in thealleys of the old city center coast right preparation for the storm , which led to the killing of 26 Daashaa , including leading figures. He Jubouri that the nests of these terrorists areexposed to aerial bombardment flour in order to save the people of the old city from theoppression of the elements of this obscurantist organization who are the oldest , most ofthem to flee their neighborhoods at the Khazraj and the area around Al – Nouri mosque against the backdrop of intense bombardment that has paralyzed their movements, andexpected starting to break into the rest of the alleys of the city process old and fully complete the edit as soon as possible and according to plan.  In the meantime ,according to the Federal Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat, that his forces found a large Amass missiles in the new door area within the Old City contains (1000) Katyusha and rocket (8000) valve collision and (100) bag chemicals used in packaging manufacture . Shell moves gangs  in turn, revealed the media cell war, under the command of joint operations, the destruction of tanks belonging to gangs Daesh and a laboratory for thebooby – trapping wheels aerial bombardment of Mosul in the right coast.  She said in astatement that based on cell intelligence and information security operations (coming, Nineveh), do the Hawks Air Force several air strikes resulted in the destruction of anumber of tanks , including one booby – trapped and other wheels carrying fuel inside agarage in the neighborhoods of Yarmouk and the revolution in the heart of this coast. The cell showed that the bombing also led to the destruction of the factory for thebooby – trapping wheels in Ghanem Industry Zone Mr. within the western axis of thecoast, a note that our sector shared with all its different forms engaged in extensive and ongoing military operations without interruption until the completion of the final victory cleared the right coast completely after the announcement release left coast late January past the natural life returned to him completely. At the same level, he said Brigadier -General in command of joint operations Younis al – Sharifi, the correspondent of the”morning”: that the Iraqi aircraft bombed the stores of weapons and ammunition in theindustrial area west axis , which led to the killing of 14 Daashaa.   Pre – emptive air strikes , receipts continued Air Force and based on the follow – up intelligence, long caches of terrorists wherever they Daesh. According to a statement of the cell war media, the intelligence agency of the Federal Investigation information, Hawks Air Force led to carry out a preemptive strike to target a large gathering of gangs Daesh in the village Shihan within the urban south – west of Mosul , the judiciary, adding that the raid resulted in the killing of nearly 15 terrorists among them three of the leaders they the so – called (urban security official, and his deputy) and (administrative officer) , the so – called (the state of the island) and wounding others who were planning to launch an attack on different regions. In a second statement of the cell media confirmed that the Air Force aircraft carried out under the Directorate of Intelligence Information Other strikes resulted in the destruction of Walker of the leaders of terrorist gangs and so – called (security headquarters Daesh) with the killing of a large number of terrorists among them Msaolhm security in the area of the district of Tal Afar Mahlbah. Also it destroyed another LEC completely destroyed frequented by the so – called (military commander) areas west ofMosul and Badush , along with the killing of many terrorists in the Hermat area within thenorth coast right.   The killing of the leaders of “Daesh” In the meantime, the intelligence service, announced on Wednesday, killing and wounding six members of the “Daesh” bombing of the international coalition targeting an organization wheel, pointing out that theelements who were targeted occupy media positions in the states of Baghdad and thesouth. The agency said in a press statement: “Air Alliance International and based on accurate information from the Iraqi National Intelligence Service, carried out targeted thewheel carrying a number of affiliated gangs Daesh terrorist elements air strike , ” pointing out that the strike resulted in the death of “terrorist (Abu Hagar Ghurairy) , which serves as a media in the so – called state of the South and the terrorist (Abu Ibrahim) boycotted the media Hamzah in the so – called state of the South and the terrorist (Abu Khattab), in addition to the killing of two other elements. ” He added that the device “strike also resulted in the injury of another terrorist named (Muhannad Majid Abbas , alias Abu Saif) and holds the position of media in the so – called (state of Baghdad).

Simonet «morning»: optimistic about the future of Iraq


4/13/2017 0:00

President of the European Commission Delegation expects the arrival of the country to the world market level

Baghdad / Muhannad Abdul Wahab Omar Abdel Latif

The President of the European Commission Delegation in Baghdad , Ambassador Patrick Simonet optimistic about the future of Iraq, and at a time when the continuation of the mission of the country full support in all areas confirmed, the expected arrival of Iraq to the global financial market level after theimprovement of their economic conditions during the next phase. He also praised thevictories achieved by our security forces on gangs “Daesh” terrorist and the liberation ofour territory, returned the unity of Iraqis and would stand particularly terrorism message to the international community that “Iraq will not be defeated.”
Said Simonet in an interview with the “morning”: that “sustainable and strong relations between the European Commission and Iraq since 2007 has evolved over ten years in many areas , whether economic, political or humanitarian and others , ” noting that “Iraq has faced a lot of difficulties after occupation “Daesh” for a number of provinces in 2014, and we are now happy to achieve victory on the ground and this is calculated for theIraqis and their courage and their determination to defeat terrorism, prompting member states to help Iraq in its fight while the European mission and the international community to assist him humanely and to support stability in the affected areas N terrorism to overcome the crisis that occurred because of the growing number of displaced persons and the poor financial situation of the country , “adding that” parking Iraqis united with all stripes in the fight against “Daesh,” a good message for all that Iraq will not be defeated, making us therefore optimistic about the future. ”
Liberated areas
and added the President of the Commission Delegation European, said that ” the mission has provided 130 million euros to restore stability in the affected areas of terrorism, and the majority of what has been achieved efforts in this area was by granting the European Union , ” stressing that “during the period from October last year to March of this year ,much has been achieved through the return of the displaced people of Anbar province to their homes, the return of normal life to the city, and the agreement of higher harmony between the province and officials after there was some tension in the past between them, and now they are looking for re – work the international road link between Iraq and Jordan Syria and the Mar across this province, while remains the subject of rehabilitation and reconstruction of strategic projects rests with the government , “and expressed his wishes that gets such a thing on the left coast of the city of Mosul after he recently visited together with the Humanitarian Aid Office of the Commission, as well as the Sinjar district , which suffers are conditions difficult and help Ahaleh to return to
their areas. In support of Iraq and on the support of Iraq ‘s efforts, he hinted Simonet that ” the mission discussed with the Iraqi government to support Iraq ‘s efforts differently, it isimportant to assist them in the public finance management and the fight against corruption and some sectors in a sustainable manner, since the mission started two weeks a project on the development of education in Iraq before, there are a lot of areas that we want to develop here such as the economy and energy, and help him to rely on local sources as a rich country, which is why it is necessary to fight corruption and manage the financial situation correctly. The next to the countries of Iraq are rich and should help him to reach economic integration and improve the investment and theprivate sector through access to their experiences in this regard, “stressing that” remain in Iraq , the mission and continue to support him , but they do not want this country to rely entirely on external funding but it must give space for investment projects and thepossibility of its implementation. ” The president of the Commission Delegation European in Iraq , said : ” The Commission and the World Bank will support the committee formed in the Prime Minister ‘s Office in charge of the fight against corruption, and there is aframework and dialogue with the Ministry of Finance at the present time in this regard, inaddition to working with a sovereign developed independent institutions as a body ofintegrity and offices of inspectors general and integrity Committees and Finance in the House of Representatives. ” He described Simonet support provided by the Mission for Iraq in the next stage as “very important”, he began to launch a number of special education development and curriculum projects, followed by projects for the rehabilitation of schools and the development of private vocational education , oil and the activities offinancial management and public work for the management of associated gas to enhance the electricity sector and restore stability in the liberated areas, stressing that “it isimportant that Iraq relies on internal sources as rich countries, and will soon be able to re – invest in its sources and access to the global financial market under good conditions.”National reconciliation and noted , “We would like to have Iraq ‘s good financial management because of its importance to attracting investments, since what matters theinvestor is owning the country a good legal framework which makes it reassures on itsinvestment, in addition to promoting national reconciliation among the people that thepolitical stability important for to him and to them, and to ensure the support of theinternational community in exchange for commitment to reconciliation. ” He praised theefforts of the political blocs in the “historic compromise” by setting the appropriate conditions by the political process partners and that there is a national dialogue, resulting in positive attitudes in the future , “and expressed” support for the mission of this initiative through the follow – up to the Commission on the implementation of national reconciliation programs Office of the Prime  Minister. ” Message to politicians Simonet his interview with the “morning” seal a letter addressed to the politicians and the sons of the Iraqi people before the scheduled next September elections, he said: “There are about five months before the provincial elections in Iraq , but it has to be that there will be time to make progress on the liberalization level Nineveh and the advancement of the economic situation and the fight against corruption and good management of money, because such messages can instil confidence again among politicians and the Iraqi society and foreign investors, as well as the opportunity to achieve distinct steps in the path of national reconciliation by allowing all the debate and dialogue With some of them, “warning that” politicians should prove to the people that whatever their affiliations , there are positive vision towards the future, there is hope the general public when they need to see and change during the coming stage and can not wait for such programs to before holding elections a little. ”


Kirkuk Officials Concerned about Baghdad Delaying Hawija Assault


Kirkuk Officials Concerned about Baghdad Delaying Hawija Assault


KIRKUK — The reason behind delaying an operation to liberate Hawija from Islamic State (IS) is still unknown and the Iraqi Prime Minister is required to clarify the issue, Kurdish officials in Kirkuk insist.

“Postponing the [Hawija] operation affects the security situation in Kirkuk. Some of the Daesh terrorists and sleeper cells captured in Kirkuk are found to be in direct contact with Daesh in Hawija,” said Chief of Kirkuk Police Sarhad Qader, using an Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

The official further explained to BasNews that the Iraqi central government is responsible for the delay in Hawija assault.

Mohammed Kamal, head of brotherhood faction at the Kirkuk provincial council, stated that Iraqi Prime Minister is should clarify the reason behind the delay as it is his government’s responsibility to recapture the town.

Hawija, located in southwest of Kirkuk, is considered a strategic town for Islamic State which is in control of it since mid-2014 after the extremist group crossed into Iraq from Syria and overrun Mosul in the north of the country.

Send thousands of books to Mosul schools


13/4/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Esraa Samarrai

The Ministry of Education announced the delivery of thousands of curricula to the schools of the liberated areas in Nineveh province, while the Ministry of Construction and Public Municipalities is preparing to organize a scientific conference next October to contribute to the reconstruction of liberated areas.

This comes at a time when a British organization continues to provide first aid and treatment for the displaced from the right side because of the practice of gangs “calling” the terrorists against them. Delivery of textbooks to Mosul
The Ministry of Education spokesman Ibrahim Sabti told the representative of “Sabah” Asra al-Samarrai: The ministry sent through its own stores thousands of textbooks to the schools in the liberated areas in Nineveh province, especially the curriculum of the third stage of the medium and included 8, 448 copies of the English language book and 6 thousand and 336 A copy of the English activity, 6,300 copies of the Book of Islamic Education, 6,840 copies of the mathematics book, 8,000 copies of the book of history, as well as the delivery of 28,000 copies of the English language book for the sixth stage
He added that the process of equipping the schools was coordinated between the stores of Baghdad and raising Rabia in Nineveh, noting the intention of the ministry to send more textbooks for the rest of the curriculum.
He said that the ministry has harnessed all its capabilities to deliver books, stationery, trips and other educational supplies to the province of Nineveh in order to restore life to it, which has become a great challenge to terrorism and the victory of science.
For his part, the Director of Education for Nineveh Mohammed Ali al-Tahan for “morning” that the Directorate is working to register the administrative leaflets of the educational bodies of the right-wing displaced in order to pay their salaries, adding that the process of liberalization accompanied by the registration of thousands of bribes and the disbursement of salaries of some of those
He pointed to the existence of coordination with the Directorate of preparation, training and educational development to establish courses for educational staff in Mosul to update their information, especially that leaving them for the educational process within the past two years created an educational vacuum for them and therefore they need to retrieve their information both
His specialty.
Preparations for a conference to contribute to the reconstruction of liberated areas
For his part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities Astbrak Ibrahim Al-Shawk to direct the preliminary preparations for the organization of the first scientific conference of the Ministry in early October.
A press statement issued by the ministry on the thorns said that the conference aims to encourage the scientific research that will be chosen by a specialized committee to be presented during the conference to be organized over two days. He said that the research will include various engineering specialties such as electrical, civil, architectural and others that contribute to the reconstruction of areas liberated from The gangs
Terrorism. He pointed out that the ministry is seeking to encourage scientific research and develop it to contribute to the advancement of the scientific movement of the country, especially that the ministry is the competent sector sector in the areas of construction, service and construction
And construction.
2713 families returned to Anbar and Salah al-Din
In the same file, the director of the Central Department of the Department of Branch Affairs at the Ministry of Displacement and Migration Amer Abbas Zaghir told the representative of “Sabah” Hadir Imad: that 1649 families returned to the districts of Ramadi and Falluja and Haditha, as well as the return of 1064 families to Salahaddin province, Through the branches of the ministry located in those provinces.
He added that the branch of the ministry in the district of Fallujah recorded the return of 683 families, in addition to the registration of the center of the modern district return 806 families, as well as the return of 163 families to the district of Ramadi, indicating that the registration centers continue to register the returnees and enter their data within the branches of the ministry.
Zughair pointed out that the ministry continued its campaigns to distribute aid among the displaced and returnee families. The distribution of 1530 relief aid distributed among the families returning to Falluja district included one ration, one health basket and kitchen supplies.
At the same level, the Director of the Department of the northern provinces in the Department of Branch Affairs in the ministry, Muhannad Saleh told “morning” that the registration centers of return of the branch of the ministry in the province of Salah al-Din registered the return of 1,064 families to the districts of science and the role, indicating that the branch received the returnees’ .

A British organization treats the injured on the right side
In addition, the British “Peace Road” organization continues to provide medical and treatment services to displaced people arriving at the first reception center in the control of the Scorpion on the right side of the city of Mosul. “The organization is actively seeking to treat the wounded from the people of Mosul and to immediately treat them as a result of their deliberate targeting by terrorists, especially children and women,” said the director of the organization, Sally Baker.
She added that the organization’s members are currently in control of the scorpion to wait for the wheels coming from Mosul, loaded with displaced people for the ambulance and treatment of any condition, confirming that what is happening in Mosul is one of the worst humanitarian conditions and the cruelty that has gone through 25 years of work as a result of what the people By terrorists.
She pointed out that the past period saw the adoption of treatment of three children with their families in America and were treated and recovered and returned to Iraq.
The Italian doctor Marino said: “The morning”: that our presence now on the right side of the city of Mosul near the control of the Scorpion aims to aid the wounded from the people coming from areas that are fighting or liberated recently, trying as much as possible to carry out all the aid and treatments required for them. She is striving through her mobile clinics to reach the nearest area of the lines and provide treatment services and immediate assistance to the injured, pointing out that ambulances are equipped with the latest medical equipment, medicines and treatments required.
He added that the organization submitted a request to the Iraqi Ministry of Health to allow free participation in difficult and critical operations for children, noting that this is not the first visit to Iraq, I worked in 2004 in the hospital of the city of medicine in Baghdad with famous doctors including Alaa Makki and I hope to allow me to work Second time in
the hospital.

Central Bank called for re-evaluated the policy of domestic banks general manager of the Bank of Mesopotamia in a dialogue with (Mashreq): We call for the formation of a committee to adopt the development of economic and financing for a new system of the Iraqi banking policy




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Posted       04/04/2017 04:49 PM

Orient – Special:
invited Mr. Abdul – Hussein Mundhiri General Manager of the Bank of the Islamic government of Mesopotamia to the formation of a committee to adopt a new economic policy and financing for the banking system because of the pressures facing the Iraqi economy because finance is the foundation of the economy at the present time. He Mundhiri, in a dialogue with (Mashreq) yesterday published its details later, the need for “coordination between the Economic Committee in the Prime Minister with the Central Bank of the government and private banks and banks to form a committee develop economic and finance policy of Iraqi banks because funding is the basis of the economy at the present time because of the pressures facing the Iraqi economy. ” Mundhiri stressed that “funding is the one who creates the demand and Anashh and thus increasing the demand for goods and increase employment opportunities for the unemployed and graduates.” Chairman of Rivers Bank reported that “banks in Iraq are two types: government private banks, government banks and banks account for 80% of thevolume of lending Bachirvh while private banks account for 20%, while deposits, government banks , accounting for 90% and private banks account for 10%, this lending in government banks is still higher because of liquidity owned. the private banks in recent years ceased to have private funding for individuals and began to tend to lend to companies for the simple reason because the amounts that lend to companies follow once the amounts that lend to individuals will be the subject of follow – up difficult Leffler What some customers are exposed to security risks, economic and functional for some. Time that Iraqi society is suffering from widespread unemployment, poverty , and these issues are not addressed only loans. In the opinion of individuals financing has to be a priority , such as lending to the unemployed to buy public transport vehicles (taxi) as well as the financing of housing units , Iraq now need three and a half million housing units, and each year needs to increase this number one hundred thousand housing units due to increases in cases of marriage and family fission. ” He called Abdul Hussein Mundhiri Central Bank to “re – assessment of eligibility for banks because Iraq policy in the event of unemployment, poverty and the need for reconstruction must therefore provide support to domestic banks.”


Iraq requires a guarantor guarantor for the disbursement of an advance ten Roatbastrt Rafidain Bank on the state departments covered by the ten employees an advance

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Date       12/04/2017 02:40 AM

Orient – News section:
Rafidain Bank stipulated that the state departments covered by the ten employees ‘ salaries to provide an advance sponsor guarantor ( a civil servant) of those who serve not less than one year at least. The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement, he does not accept guarantees opposing that does not exceed the total deductions (50%) of the salary of the total sponsor, adding that in the case of a previous advance of the employee who purports to apply for the advance has to be Agaydah or cash settlement of the old advance before the advance disbursement and then paid the remaining amount. The statement stressed that the bank will reconsider the granting of the advance to the ministry , which reluctant to pay premiums owed to its employees.

Trade Bank of Iraq TBI in Nasiriyah, celebrates the launch of a certificate of deposit for citizens


Launched the Trade Bank of Iraq TBI in Dhi Qar province, the filing of a certificate under the name of (worthy) and $ (500) thousand dinars placed a number of deposit certificate for all citizens where there are monthly prizes and semi-annual and annual by dragging the number and get 10 million for the first monthly withdrawn from while you get a prize $ 40 million for the bi-monthly and withdrawn from the annual deposit of 100 million

This was announced by the Iraqi Trade Bank and the words of director of the bank on the morning of Khclok during a ceremony at the Hall Goudea Hotel Nasiriyah city center was attended by the President of the Chamber of Commerce Nasiriyah, Abdul Razzaq al-Zuhairi and deputy governor of Dhi Qar Hazem Mohammad Saeedi and winner of the award, Dr. Souad Karim Hhev and the Organization of UNIDO and the Center for Enterprise Development and Investment Authority with Qar and a number of traders

She stressed Alkhclok in her speech that the aim of the idea of a certificate of deposit to the citizens that came with the approval of the Central Bank of Iraq is the safety deposit funds and maintain as well as encouraging bank clients and the settlement of transactions electronically, while adhering to the directives of the central government and the Central Bank specifically »

Traders, businessmen, contractors and citizens’ dealings with the bank and consolidate the concepts of integrity and honesty, and called

Then President of the Chamber spoke a brief speech in which he expressed his appreciation for the high this step, which he described Balraiah that protect depositors funds and encouraging them to invest

He also stressed the role of the media and public relations in expanding the deal and give Strategy to clear the work of the Iraqi Trade Bank and what interest rates will reap dividends owner of the funds.

In conclusion, Alkhclok presented the award announced by the pulled fourth forget this year, the winner of Dr. Souad Karim ten million Iraqi dinars, which crossed its part, her great happiness for receiving this award and wished to be a citizen more deserving and said it was a great idea when the Central Bank of Iraq’s footsteps on this step Tattabralaoly in Iraq.

Window of currency selling is no alternative in the central moment: we aim to reach the fixed price of the dollar


 News reports


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Baghdad / follow – up to the Orient:
The Central Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday, it aims to reach a steady and stable dollar prices, while noting boiling that the security and political risks leading to higher demand for the dollar, confirmed that the window sell the currency is no alternative at the present time. The general director of financial operations at the bank , Mahmoud Mohammed: ” The window of dollar selling has two sides first technician is Sterilize monetary mass where the swap dollar amounts massive dinars resulting from the spending budget and debt”, pointing out that “not to withdraw this amount from the markets causing a rise an enormous price for this window is critical in light of the low sterilization financial level of the overall economy. ” He added that ” their absence leads to a significant deterioration of the economy for my country from the technical side we did not find a viable alternative to give the dollar a window for sale.” Between Muhammad that ” the other side is difference price and this is being focused on,” noting that ” the recent measures that began in February of this year could facilitate results and reduced exchange rates at the borders suit the central targets to reach a stable and fixed prices.” He pointed out that “political and security risks in Iraq , causing instability , which leads to higher demand for the dollar and convert real existing to the dollar , ” asserting that ” the central bank continues to develop the electronic ones his tools in order to keep its goals as well as maintaining the Mtsuiat price is acceptable.” The Mohammed, that the “window under the current circumstances , there is no alternative , ” noting that ” the problem that we suffer not exclusively borne by the window , but its border ports responsibilities in this important aspect.”



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