Government moves to develop the banks and financial institutions


4/12/2017 0:00

Baghdad / Farah pumice is
interested in many of the year the countries oftourism activities and they care because they areaware of the importance and role in moving economic activity, and adopted most countries, whether developed or developing, interest in theculture of tourism awareness and began Petrsakhh at all levels of society in order topromote the reality of tourism and the upgrading of dealing with tourists whether locally or newcomer, and the most prominent example of this is the launch of the United Arab Emirates tourism Arts blog , which consists of ten themes aimed at raising awareness oftourism. On Tuesday concluded the conference and the World Expo on the fourth financial sector and banks , which raised the central bank in order to work on theinfrastructure of the banks and financial institutions to develop and find new mechanisms to attract discreet investments.
The financial and banking conference in Iraq in 2017 for a continuation of the previous conferences organized by Symexco company.
Participated in previous conferences more than 1,000 delegates from all over the world and succeeded in achieving the goals set for him, made him an annual event is sponsored by the Central Bank of Iraq. Implementation of the recommendations and said economic analyst Rahim Al Shammari in this regard, the need to apply therecommendations Tstantjha these conferences, to support the financial and banking sector in the country, and opening wider to the world. Shammari also count these events important tools that contribute to attracting international investment and share with local counterparts, especially that the country is in need of many of the necessary projects that serve the citizen, the most prominent of the reconstruction of the liberated areas of theConception of terrorist gangs, as well as providing and sustaining the necessary services in the community. This important event aims to research and work on the infrastructure of the banks and financial institutions in Iraq to develop through the strengthening ofcooperation between the central bank and the ministries on the one hand, banks andfinancial institutions concerned on the other hand, in addition to banks and international financial institutions as well as investors  international. Participated in the conference, which was held in Beirut, representatives of Iraqi banks, Bank World World Bank and Masssh International Development IFC and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OCED global banks such as JP Morgan and Citibank, Standard Chartered, and representatives of Lebanese banks and Arab, banks and financial institutions from the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Themes of theconference and discussed the conference set of themes that developed in the business ,notably the agenda, plans and strategies of the Central Bank of Iraq for the next phase, the financial reforms that government is trying to implement to attract and attract investors, and the future of state – owned banks, and the role of Islamic banks and thestrategy of the new Rivers Bank, as well as the Iraqi financial markets file and its role in supporting the Iraqi economy, and the current situation of the banking sector and opportunities for the participation of foreign companies involved bank loans, in addition to the technological environment and its central role in advancing innovation and risk mitigation. Shammari pointed out that Iraq has a great wealth of skills and contribute to pushing the economy forward, but he saw the need for greater openness in the world by attracting modern technology and its application in the sectors of finance and banks in order to protect public money. The conference also discussed several other important issues , including the sources of funding for large projects and infrastructure, and thedevelopment of the Iraqi market for securities and financing opportunities for the private sector of Iraq. As well as examine the reality of the Iraqi economy and developments expected, investment in the oil ministry projects, and investment in Iraq between reality and ambition, as well as the reconstruction of the affected areas file, and the mechanisms of transition from a totalitarian economy to the market economy in Iraq, in addition to the indebtedness of the administration of Iraq and its relationship with the re – conditioning economy  National .


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