Mahmoud al-Mashhadani: national reconciliation inevitability and we meet with the National Alliance by 90%


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said the leader of the Union of Forces, former House of Representatives Speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, on Monday that “the inevitability of national settlement and is not an option.”
He said al – Mashhadani , during a press interview with Al – Furat satellite, that ” thesettlement project to build the State of Iraq for the post Daesh, not a national reconciliation, which is inevitable and is not an option , ” he said, adding that “what ispresented so far is a visions of the parties and not settle.”
He added, “we Nlgueta with the National Alliance by 90% , ” noting that ” the vision of the Sunni and Shia settlement {} have agreed that the two parties looking for anational state and we are still waiting for the Kurdish paper.”
He pointed out that “there are those who believe that the application of theConstitution sings for the settlement,” explaining that ” the features of the Sunni paper includes the promotion and strengthening of state institutions , a national civil state as well as crises reset.”
He saw al – Mashhadani, the need to “deal with the de – Baathification file a judicial rather than political,” pointing out that the paper settlement presented by the Forces Union, including “stop executions because many verdicts are not based on sound foundations so will stop the executions for retrial, Eradicating active today and should be given the field to review the issues. ”
And the popular crowd, and asked to resolve, according to the paper Forces Union, explained that ” the crowd popular heroes, but their survival institution without restriction or condition leads to a multiplicity of security agencies, and tired of thesecurity establishment, so we are with the protection of their rights in accordance with the legal cover for them and specifications required by joining the The defense and interior ministries. ”
The head of the National Alliance , Mr. Ammar al – Hakim, said on March 20 that “some of the objectors to the national settlement of victims of which they are living on the speech convulsive”, as head of the alliance said yesterday that ” the national settlement project was adopted by the National Alliance of all his strength , a vision for the future of Iraq after Daesh stage, to build a state of citizenship of all the Iraqi people reassure components and provide services to them , “he said, adding that the national settlement project” past at a steady pace “.anthy


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