Deputy calls for the adoption of World Bank standards to support the economy


Baghdad – Journal News
MP Jamal Al-Muhammadawi called on the competent authorities to adopt the standards issued by the World Bank for the business environment to raise the level of Iraq in the international classification.

“The competent authorities should adopt the World Bank’s standards for conducting business in the world to gain a better position in the international classification of the business environment in Iraq,” he said during a seminar held by the Institute for Progress in Development Policy. He stressed the need to activate programs that will support and promote economic growth and stimulate the wheel of economic life in general.

He said the World Bank had issued a report on the business environment in 190 countries around the world. Iraq’s 2017 ranking ranked 165 out of 190 countries with a one-year improvement over 2016.

He added that the World Bank’s 2017 report included 10 criteria for measurement and calculation on the basis of which the success or failure of the country is calculated according to each of them, one of the articles related to the status of women and their participation in the business environment and the second criterion dealing with the building permit and the third access to electricity and the fourth registration of property rights For the property and fifth access to credit and the sixth to protect the rights of the minority of investors and the seventh to pay taxes and the eighth trade across the border and the ninth obligation to respect and respect the tenth and face cases of physical hardship.


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