Director of Issuance Department of the Central Bank of (Mada): The size of the printed currency exceeded 11 billion and 600 million dinarsDirector of Issuance Department of the Central Bank of (Mada): The size of the printed currency exceeded 11 billion and 600 million dinars

 Baghdad / Zahraa al-Jassim 
Perhaps most of the steps of the Central Bank of Iraq are subject to the political and legal environment of the country, especially with regard to the deletion of the zeros, which were considered specialists in the earlier direction of a sensitive and dangerous, but remains the central institution most important in terms of the need to control financial management in light of the financial crisis suffocating The Iraqi economy, which must be able to address the problems, whether related to the citizen or the work of the Central Bank itself. 

Questions concerning the important files put forward by the (range) in this meeting on the director of the Department of Issuance and Treasury at the Central Bank Abdul-Abbas Khalaf, and with being answered in a brief manner, he pointed to the most important points that showed the size of the currency is not valid for circulation deposited with the Central has exceeded one billion and a quarter million dinars Which is not a small amount if it is compensated from the banknotes stored in the bank as some believe, and at a time between the size of the printed currency exceeded the “11 billion and 600 million dinars, urged citizens not to keep large amounts of homes or buried in the ground , The fact that the process of replacement in the case of knowledge “The rate of counterfeit currency is still within the internationally accepted limits, with the central bank trying to launch an information campaign to educate the public on how to distinguish between the original and counterfeit currency,” Khalaf said. Asked about the possibility of higher issues (50000) ) Dinar? 

– There is no intention at the present time to issue a class higher than the class (50000) dinars. 

* What about the subject of deleting zeros and why the delay? 

– The decision on the deletion of zeros can not be taken in isolation from the political and legal environment existing in the country under the security conditions prevailing as a result of terrorist acts and the exit of a number of provinces outside the control of the State for the years 2014, 2015, 2016, which certainly leads to delay in the implementation of this project in addition to This should be done in coordination with all State departments and the private sector. It should be followed by changing the clauses in the various laws which include a reference to the payment of fees or fines in lump sums, and changing the financial and statistical records in order to comply with the zeros deletion project. On the other hand, technical preparations are underway. 

* How much is the replacement and replacement cost of the damaged currency? 

First, there is no substitute for a damaged one annually. Instead, the bank seeks to issue new securities with advanced security specifications. Therefore, the cost is reduced in this way. The cost of issuing new banknotes with better specifications is used to replace the damaged currency from previous editions . 

We are seeking an information campaign to distinguish between the original and counterfeit currency 

* How much is the finder’s counterfeit currency? 

– The Central Bank of Iraq resorted to the use of sophisticated counting and sorting machines that can detect the counterfeit currency, in addition to directing banks using modern techniques in the examination of the currency, but the problem is that the shopkeepers did not make sufficient efforts to use machines to examine the currency, To inform the public about how to distinguish between the original currency and counterfeit currency by issuing a brochure and posters for this purpose and will be distributed to banks and major shopping centers. In any event, the percentage of counterfeit currencies remains within internationally accepted limits. T ratio (0.000025) (Twenty-five million paper sheet). 

* What currency damaged by fire or poor storage of citizens compensation mechanisms? 

– While we hope that citizens do not keep large amounts of houses or bury them in the ground, and instead put them in banks, as the process of replacing the burned or damaged currency cost the central bank financial burdens and administrative cost is not justified, however The bank receives citizens whose savings are exposed in the Iraqi currency for fire accidents provided that they are documented by the Civil Defense Department and that their source is legitimate. As for the (buried) currency, the sources of these funds are limited. Entebbe The Iraqi currency and that this bank does not receive any commission for its replacement. 

We applied security methods with modern technology advanced counting and sorting currency 

What are the future central bank plans for the currency and printing? 

– The Central Bank of Iraq seeks to keep abreast of the development in the printing of currency and modern technologies, both in the printing currency or in counting devices and sorting the currency where it is constantly adding new security specifications in addition to the acquisition of sophisticated machines to count and sort the currency, and was permanently dispensed with the process of manual counting and sorting. 

How much is the size of the torn currency and how much is the printed currency? 

– The number of non-negotiable banknotes deposited with this bank (1,277,049,543) was banknotes of various categories, which were compensated by the banknotes stored in this bank. The number of banknotes printed was 11,615,265,154 banknotes of various categories.


Iraqi military commander: calling the most important leaders lost qualitative in Baquba



Sunday 9 April 2017 – 00:14 GMT

Commander of the Tigris operations

The head of operations of the Tigris, Lieutenant General Mizher al-Azzawi, on Saturday, the loss of the organization “Daqash” the most important leaders of qualitative quantities carried out by the security forces yesterday east of Baquba, while confirmed that the events of June 2014 will not return to Diyala.

“The security situation in the Diyala region is very stable and there is no danger,” he said. “The recent attacks on some points in Saadia, Mansuriya or the ferry were unsuccessful and were immediately crushed.”

He added that “the events of June 2014 will not return to Diyala thanks to the efforts of the security forces and the popular and tribal mobilization,” adding that “the recent attacks confirmed the national cohesion between the security forces and the popular and tribal mobilization and the people through the combination of deterrence in the aggression, in addition to attention to the malicious rumors published by the queue Which did not have any impact on public opinion. “

“Al-Azzawi pointed out that” the organization of Dahedh lost its most important leaders near the village of Al-Dweil in the vicinity of Mansouriya, (45 km east of Baquba) qualitative quantity on Friday, “pointing out that” Da’ash collapsed and is not able to launch large attacks, but limited because of military plans to lead operations Tigris “.

The commander of operations of the Tigris Mezher al-Azzawi announced, on Friday (April 7, 2017), foiled an attack on a security point in the village of Dweilis and killed two militants, “Daash.”

Source: Alsumaria News

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Hundreds of ISIS fighters surrendering to Iraqi forces to be tried justly



By Rudaw 14 hours ago
Iraqi counter-terrorism forces advance on Topzawa, 12 kilometres west of Mosul. Photo: Khalid Mohammed | AP
Iraqi counter-terrorism forces advance on Topzawa, 12 kilometres west of Mosul. Photo: Khalid Mohammed | AP

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — As many as 200 ISIS fighters have defected from battlefields, many of whom the group heavily relied on as it has lost large segments of territory in the western side of Mosul, will face judges, according to Iraqi officials.
“A large number of ISIS militants have surrendered to the security forces and it is ongoing,” said Najim al-Jabouri, the commander of the Nineveh Operations Command, adding that “Upon the request of the surrendering militants, the general commander of the armed forces has guaranteed the militants that they will be tried just and their lives will be protected until the court has issued their verdicts per their crimes.”

Following a string of military setbacks among ISIS militants and the loss of territories in Iraq and Syria, desertion has increased among the radicals and according to Iraqi defense ministry reports as many as 200 militants have fled.

In February, the Iraqi Counter Terror Service (ICTS) stated that locals could confidentially notify security forces about ISIS militants “whereabouts, their weapons, hideouts, headquarters, and drones” through the ICTS Facebook page.

The total number of ISIS fighters who have surrendered is not easily quantified because some defectors surrender to various security entities including to Kurdish forces.

“I have not got an exact data, because some of them have surrendered to the Peshmerga in Makhmour and some others to the Federal Police and 9th Division of the Iraqi army,” Jabouri said.

Militants who withdraw from the battles will not end up executed by Iraqi forces, Jabouri said, adding that they are seen as Iraqis.
Hassan Adlibi, ISIS preacher said during his Friday sermon in the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor that “The head of those militants who defect war and apostate religion will be separated from their bodies if they are caught fleeing.”
Iraqi officials see defection as positive, but caution that this doesn’t mean the end of ISIS.

“The trend continues among ISIS militants and that is a positive sign. But, we do not have to consider it the dismantling of ISIS,” Abdulraza Talibi of the Iraqi defense ministry said in a press conference.

Talibi estimated that the number of ISIS militants has reduced from 30,000 in 2014 to 7,000 in 2017.

Iraqi forces launched the offensive to oust ISIS from the western half of the city on February 19. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared the eastern half of Mosul liberated on January 24.

Trump sends Congress letter explaining Syria strike



Trump sends Congress letter explaining Syria strike© Provided by The Hill Trump sends Congress letter explaining Syria strike

President Trump on Saturday delivered his justification to Congress for ordering a missile strike on Syria this week, saying in a letter to congressional leaders that the U.S. was prepared to take further military action if necessary.

“I acted in the vital national security and foreign policy interests of the United States, pursuant to my constitutional authority to conduct foreign relations and as Commander in Chief and Chief Executive,” Trump wrote.

The letter was addressed to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), the Senate president pro tempore.

“The United States will take additional action, as necessary and appropriate, to further its important national interests,” Trump wrote.

Under the War Powers Resolution, the president is required to submit an explanation for the use of force within 48 hours after military action is taken. The deadline for Trump to do so would be Saturday night.

Trump’s letter echoed his comments delivered roughly an hour after the strikes on Thursday night, when he characterized the strikes as in the “vital national security interest” of the U.S.

“It is in this vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons,” Trump said at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, where he was hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Babylon declares disabled official working tomorrow

Local Since 08/04/2017 20:18 am (Baghdad time)


BAGHDAD – The balance of News

Babil provincial council announced Saturday, disable official working in the province of all official circles on Sunday.


According to the Council, in a statement / balance News /, received a copy of it that “the province of Babylon, disrupted the official working day on Sunday April 9,” noting that “disabled always came on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr, and his sister martyr girl Huda,”


He added that “Sunday also marks the anniversary of the fall of the tyrant Saddam Hussein era,” pointing out that “this holiday include all departments except the province of service, security and banking circles.”


This and announced a number of provinces, today, disable the official working on Sunday to mark the anniversary of the fall of the regime Albaid.anthy 29 / s 5

Babil, Karbala, Maysan and organize the Kirkuk region and the holiday tomorrow and Dhi Qar always confirms

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[Where – Baghdad] 

Anzmt provinces of Babil and Karbala provinces of Maysan, Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region to disrupt the official working for institutions on Sunday, while the province of Dhi Qar confirmed that tomorrow an official time.

Babil province announced on Saturday, disable the official working institutions except for the security and health on the occasion of the anniversary of the fall of the former regime, to organize to the provinces of Karbala, Missan and Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region. 

For its part denied the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers cited some social networking sites about the declaration on Sunday, the ninth of April, an official holiday in the country.


Secretariat of the Council of Ministers denies the existence of a holiday in Baghdad tomorrow

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News denied the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers cited some social networking sites about the declaration on Sunday, the ninth of April, an official holiday in the country.
A source in informing the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, on Saturday, said that what has been circulated in some social networking sites for the presence of holiday on Sunday in the capital of Baghdad “is incorrect.” 

Some sites have been traded earlier in the day, news of the consideration of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers tomorrow on Sunday , an official holiday to mark the fall of the former regime. 

The provinces of Maysan, Babil, Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region announced the official working day disabled FD on the occasion of the fall of the former regime.

Urgent .. Belgium announces the withdrawal ofPopeye participation in the international coalition


Urgent .. Belgium announces the withdrawal of Popeye participation in the international coalition
one hour ago

Twilight News / announced the Belgian Ministry of Defense for withdrawing the fighter jets to participate in the international coalition against Daesh.
The Belgian Defense Minister announced that the investigation had been opened to determine the flight of his country ‘s involvement in a raid March 17 air that killed hundreds of civilians dead in Mosul.
He stressed that his country would take the investigation seriously.
Dozens of civilians killed in air bombing of the international coalition targeted several buildings in the new Mosul within the framework of the fight against Daesh.

Battle of Mosul and the strengthening of national identity


Iyad al-Samarrai

Secretary General of the Iraqi Islamic Party

“I am following the battles of the liberation of Nineveh stood before me a very beautiful scene, represented by the cohesion between the people weary Ba’ash and the fighters who come forward to liberate them, and the moments of hugging, thankfulness, and humility shown by the Iraqi fighter … I followed the comments of military commanders I liked this national speech is clear and not negligent, Their tongues, wondering what is going on and I said these battles today paint a new Iraqi national identity. “

This is what I wrote about two months ago, and because we are used to not go away in our doubts, I put my hand on my heart for fear of the next and wrote as well as her time:

“Today we are facing a historic moment that can invest and give us strength, not only by returning our land from the criminal organization, but also by creating a new environment of solidarity, cooperation and work for the sake of Iraq.” This positive situation, At the same time, it is necessary to break the road for all those who hate it, and try to distort and distort this important and vital achievement.

However, this optimism and caution did not continue as the events of the new Mosul disappointing and hit the core and an opportunity for those who put their information in the service of a reluctant and denied what I said two months ago.

The challenge we faced was not to shake the image that had been created for me and others at the beginning of the liberation process. Unfortunately, it was shaken, and there were signs of confusion and an attempt to evade responsibility, both on the leaders of the coalition, the leaders of the security forces and even on the prime minister which he and his supporters tried to target.

Whoever wanted to abuse me to recover what I wrote two months ago isolated from the context and the occasion and the fullness of what I wrote to show me flattered without answering himself for my interest in that but the abuser only thinks of abuse even if it makes no sense.

And there are those who wanted to abuse the state and its efforts, and there are those who wanted to say indirectly indirectly better than others despite the mention of the bad work!

So, as I said before, the biggest challenge is to make a new picture and a better reality because the post-urgent phase will be more dangerous. The tired, hungry refugees who are terrified of the mass murder practiced by them are calling and turning them into human shields without any human conscience. ..

Do not you have to move mobile shelters to pick up the first batch of people calling for an opening for hours and congratulations on security ?!

Can not the Ministry of Immigration and its cadres, which have gained an important experience in this file, develop their work to deal with the exceptional cases we see today?

The Iraqi fighter, who gave a lot and now bears the burden of fighting and caring for the displaced, who saw dozens of comrades in the arms falling in front of him and yet did not lose his impulse, should not be let down by decisions of leadership is not appropriate.

That the tragedy of the new Mosul, which destroyed the entire families should not have occurred, the military leaders have experienced the advocates and methods, and repeated repeatedly that the use of human shields for its elements and sites, and he wants to take revenge from the people rejected by thought and behavior and individuals, how Tstrdjha calls for what happened in it ?!

Some say that the fighting must continue, but we must protect the civilians. We know that some leaders will see that we ask them for the impossible, but we tell them that the political victory is on a pretext. No less important than the military victory, do not deprive us of political victory and let us glad you by giving us victory,

Finally, a speech to the Prime Minister: We do not know what actually happened in the new Mosul, but we are in front of a crime that shakes the conscience and should not be repeated at all, and for this to be accurate investigation in order to correct the military leadership plans and ways to address them do not expect her in the trap of her hand.