Tariq al-Hashemi: My name is a write-off from INTERPOL, and this is a social scene with Sulaimani



Tariq al-Hashemi: My name is a write-off from INTERPOL, and this is a social scene with Sulaimani

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
Former Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, who is wanted by the judiciary, announced on Friday that his name would be removed from the international list of wanted persons, Interpol, detailing his visit to Iran and meeting with Qassem Soleimani.
Al-Hashemi said in an interview with Al-Arab Al-Jadeed that the Interpol had evaluated the alleged evidence of the fabricated crimes in which the Iraqi Interior Ministry had issued a decision to close the file, drop the charges and delete the red memo. Members including Iraq “.
“There are initiatives that I hope will be sincere and sincere in order to save Iraq with a comprehensive reform movement before the last chance is lost,” Hashemi said.
He added that “Nuri al-Maliki was not eligible for the position he held for eight years without the US-Iranian consensus, in other words, the foreign influence is the one that brought him to power and will remain Iraq for years to come captive to this influence, but time exceeded and because of his failure in the state administration and files The big one that will pursue him throughout his life, Maliki has become, politically, burned paper. “
“In the absence of an Iraqi national consensus, and if injustice, displacement and failure continue, this page will remain open to all possibilities. It is therefore a matter of great concern. Iraq could slide into chaos and more violence,” he said. Which may lead to division, so I urgently call a conference like the Cairo and Mecca conferences to review the experience of Iraq over thirteen years, and agree on the form of governance in the future.
“During my visit to Tehran in March 2007, she met Sulaymani and was attended by the then-head of the Iraqi Revolutionary Guards Corps, Ahmad Farsunda, and my discussions with him exclusively on Iranian influence. The main reason for the visit was after the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, From his inability to answer my repeated questions and questions about the many files and mysterious acts of violence in which I suspected that Iran was secretly operating, such as the activity of Al-Qaeda and the Mehdi Army, and supporting some resistance factions with the requirement that they fight the Americans In Sunni areas only, Qassem confirmed Sulaymani that Iran runs the file of violence in Iraq and has understandings and coordination with all parties without exception and in the service of national security of Iran.
“The arrangement of the Sunni Arab House was unnecessarily delayed, and the call is not new, but it was first launched in Istanbul in May 2012, followed by successive meetings in Erbil, but it did not reach a conclusion and therefore I consider the recent meetings of Ankara to be in this direction, The Sunni Arab House should be arranged in the same way as the rest of the community. “” The Sunni Arabs have an urgent task of unifying the vision of the country’s interests. We must have our own project and our vision of saving Iraq, “he said.
As for the political settlement initiative put forward by the National Alliance, Al Hashimi commented that “it is an orphaned initiative for its future and hope for its success. On the one hand, it is unworthy of removing the injustices that have accumulated over the years on the Sunni Arabs. I do not think there are any real intentions to reform the anomalies in Iraq Rather, it would be necessary to devote these conditions through countermeasures and to maintain political sectarianism, quotas, failure in state administration, organized looting and dependence on Iran. If the pro-Iranian coalition was sincere in its proposals, it would be the cradle of confidence-building measures and the genocide in Mosul. And to allow the return of the displaced families to their homes and to release unrestricted reconstruction budgets, and to put an end to the Shiite Waqf’s office by dominating more Sunni mosques and freeing our children and women who were unjustly and aggressively imprisoned. It would put an end to the terror of the militias and wreak havoc on the land. , And later was a senior corrupt and worked hard to recover looted money, to want to settle.

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