Kurdistan Regional Government declares its position on the US raids on Syria


شعار حكومة إقليم كوردستان
Logo of the Kurdistan Regional Government

Ruudau – Erbil

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced its official stance on the US air raids on Syria’s airbase on Friday, April 7, 2017. She expressed her hope that it would become a reason not to repeat attacks similar to those in Khan Sheikhan in the southern countryside of Idlib.

In a statement on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, the Kurdistan Regional Government said that “the people of Kurdistan suffered great persecution by the former Baath regime, most notably the disaster of Halabja bombing in Khemiaoui, which caused 5,000 casualties in several moments. To take the necessary steps, it could have been a reason not to repeat these inhumane crimes. “

The Kurdistan Regional Government expressed its strong condemnation of the attack of Khan Sheikhaon confirmed solidarity and sympathy with the families of the victims, saying: “During the past few days we have seen the use of chemical weapons against the people of Idlib civilians, and this crime brought back to memory all the wounds of the end of the eighties of the last century against the people of Kurdistan “He said.

The KRG stressed that the international community must take a serious stance to prevent the recurrence of this crime and expressed the hope that the step taken by the US forces to prevent and respond to these inhuman acts has caused the recurrence of such crimes. At the same time, Serious efforts to find a radical solution to the complexities and abnormal situations in the Middle East. “

More than 100 civilians were killed and more than 500 wounded, most of them children, in a chemical weapons attack launched by the Syrian regime last Tuesday on Khan Sheikhan in Idlib amid widespread international condemnation.

The United States attacked Tomahawk missiles, the air cap base in Homs province, targeting Syrian planes, fuel supply stations and airport stands, in response to the bombing of the Assad regime in the town of Khan Sheikhan.


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