Abadi sends two consignments to Saladin to protect them from violations


Thursday, April 06

Arabs today - Abadi directed to send two teams to Salah al-Din to protect them from violations

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi
Baghdad – Omar al-Suwaidi

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, sent two military teams to protect the province of Salah al-Din from frequent security violations, two days after a bloody attack on elements of the city, which killed dozens of dead and wounded.
Salah al-Din governor Ahmed al-Jubouri announced that Abadi sent two delegations to protect the province, noting that the security forces killed 200 elements of the organization called in the process of “revenge of the martyrs,” which was launched in order to end the existence of an advocate in the city.

Jubouri told a number of media that “the commander-in-chief of the armed forces in a telephone call with him to send the two men to carry out pre-emptive operations against elements calling in the entire province.”
Regarding the “revenge of the martyrs,” Jubouri said, “bleeding of the people of the people of the province by the command of operations supported by various types of security forces in the province pre-emptive operations in several areas resulted in the deaths of more than 200 elements of a vengeful for the martyrs of Iraq and the province.”

He added that “the revenge of the martyrs of the province and Iraq also resulted in the destruction of four-wheeled car bomb with a large car bomb in the Chinese sector.
Al-Jubouri concluded by saying: “Our security leaders are a red line and we will not allow anyone to touch them with a word. They are the protectors of the earth and thanks to Allah and their favor. We enjoy security and security. I thank the Iraqi army for its contribution to support the ground forces and secure their air cover.

Jubouri also announced the formation of a committee to investigate the circumstances of the bombings in the city of Tikrit, Tuesday, and killed dozens.

A statement by the Jubouri office that the latter confirmed, during his presidency an expanded security meeting, including the leaders and directors of all security services, that the attack “da’ash” last on the neighborhood of flowers came because of the collapse in the battles to liberate Mosul, prompting its elements to kill themselves and the lives of innocent people and create chaos and strife , But the presence of security forces and the popular and tribal mobilization, and the solidarity of the citizens of the province and their cooperation with them, humiliated “dashing” and broke his fork, and tore his diabolical succession deviant.

He called on the security services to exert all efforts and protect the province from gangs, “calling,” calling at the same time the sons of Salah al-Din to cooperate with the information with the honest security services, and to report all cases suspected, and abide by the instructions of military and security leaders.

The city of Tikrit, the center of the province of Salah al-Din, last Tuesday infiltrated a number of elements calling to the city and attacked by a police patrol and fortified in a school in the neighborhood of flowers, where they clashed with the security forces after being besieged, resulting in dozens of citizens killed and wounded.


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