The Federal Government agrees with the Kurdish delegation to activate Article 140


08/04/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and head of the delegation of the Kurdistan region to Baghdad, said Fadhil Mirani agreement to remove all the obstacles that prevented the application of Article 140 of the Constitution of the disputed areas, while the delegation discussed with the head of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim shared files between Baghdad and Erbil.

According to a statement by the Information Office of the Prime Minister, received «morning», that « it was agreed between the Abadi and the delegation of the region, to adhere to dialogue and calm and focus on the participants and commitment toconstitutional and legal frameworks, and to guarantee Iraq ‘s unity and coexistence among all components and not be allowed to be drawn into side battles and focus on our battle against terrorism”.
The statement noted that it was agreed also, to remove the obstacles that have prevented the activation of Article 140 and to emphasize the importance of theconfiguration requirements of population census after the completion of the liberation ofall land and eliminate the terrorist elements Daesh »adding that« it was stressed theimportance of joint action to serve the interests of all citizens of the same country ».
In the same context, the search of the Kurdish delegation visiting with the head of theNational Alliance, Mr. Ammar al – Hakim «battle against Daesh and sustain the unity ofmilitary forces between the Iraqi army and the crowd popular and the Peshmerga and thetribes to continue to victories in Nineveh, and to achieve security and political stability».
Statement of the Office of the President of the National Alliance and added that «was also discussed in several files about the relationship between the Federal Government and the Government of the Territory and the application of Article 140 of the Constitution and the question of the referendum, as well as issues of administrative, legal and legislative nature to address and emphasize the intensification of the constructive dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil on the one hand and between the parties Kurdish in theregion on the other. »
The statement said «The coalition delegation headed by al – Hakim , the proposals of theKurdish delegation listened to activate Article 140 of the Constitution to achieve more stability and deal with the consequences that resulted from the lack of application of this article».
At a press conference after the meeting through the Kurdish delegation expressed «satisfaction at the meeting of the National Alliance delegation headed by al – Hakim», adding that « the dialogues were quite frankly and the atmosphere was positive, indicating that things are moving towards a solution through meetings and frank dialogue.»
The head of the region delegation, secretary of the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Fadhil Mirani, the delegation «told everyone during his meetings in Baghdad, that he will hold the referendum in the Kurdistan region during this year», noting that «this does not mean the declaration of secession of the territory from Iraq» .
Mirani said that «Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, submitted a proposal, and thedelegation will be boosted by getting to the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud


Vice Trump and last spoken to al – Abadi announced his position on the chemical in Syria and calls to end the escalation


Vice Trump Abadi last spoken to announce his position on the chemical in Syria and calls to end the escalation
22 minutes ago

Twilight News / Mike Pence held by US Vice President Donald Trump, a phone call with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, according to the Iraqi government announced on Saturday.

The government said in a statement, had been discussed during the contact of the battle of Mosul and the victories achieved and continued international support for Iraq in the fight against terrorism and the situation in the region.

The statement added that the penny “Park victories achieved in Mosul and the development of combat capabilities of the Iraqi forces.”

The statement quoted pence as saying that “America’s policy in the region has not changed and our priority is to defeat Daesh in Iraq and the region,” Mrphia by saying that “support for Iraq and an ongoing increase in the fight against terrorism, training and arming Iraqi forces.”

For his part, al-Abadi pointed to “the importance of focusing on defeating Daesh”, saying: “We are close to achieving the final victory, which it confirms Iraqi ability to overcome the difficulties and to defeat these terrorist gangs.”

With regard to the situation in the region, especially Syria, Abadi said that “Iraq is the use of chemical weapons in Syria condemned and reprehensible crime and we are with the Syrian people who fell victim as the people of Iraq was a victim also beat him Eemiaoa by the former regime, therefore we invited an urgent international investigation, accurate and condemn any the point of it. “

He called Abadi to “the need to develop a comprehensive plan to end the ongoing escalation in Syria and unify efforts to eliminate the organization Daesh and other terrorist organizations and end their presence.”

Meanwhile, a penny that “the United States is monitoring the situation in Syria, the first and focus on Daesh and the advice of Iraq and its position, which has been mentioned with regard to Syria is important for us.”

An agreement between the center and the region to activate Article 140


08/04/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning

He stressed the Prime Minister, Haider al – Abadi, during a meeting with a delegation of the Kurdistan region, the need to remove all the obstacles that prevented the application of Article 140 of the Constitution, the disputed areas, while the delegation discussed with the head of the National Alliance , Ammar al – Hakim shared files between Baghdad and Orbel.mbagesat Prime Minister with the delegation of the province, it came after bilateral meetings brought together the Kurdish delegation, earlier, with the President and theHouse of Representatives, described as “positive” .otota delegation visit the region to Baghdad, composed of members representing the political offices of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, in addition to the head of Duo The presidency of the region, Fouad Hussein, following the decision of rejecting the federal parliament to raise the flag region over Krkk.baan the Information Office of the Prime Minister, received the “morning”, stressed that ” it was agreed between the Abadi and thedelegation of the region, to adhere to dialogue and calm and focus on the participants and commitment to constitutional and legal frameworks , ensuring Iraq ‘s unity and coexistence among all components and not be allowed to be drawn into side battles and focus on the fight against terrorism. ” The statement noted that it was agreed also, to remove the obstacles that have prevented the activation of Article 140 and to emphasize the importance of the configuration requirements of population census after thecompletion of the liberation of all land and eliminate the terrorist elements Daesh , “he said , adding that” it was stressed the importance of joint action to serve the interests ofall the people of the country  per “.


Tariq al-Hashemi: My name is a write-off from INTERPOL, and this is a social scene with Sulaimani



Tariq al-Hashemi: My name is a write-off from INTERPOL, and this is a social scene with Sulaimani

2 hours ago
Last updated
The time now is 10:59 AM
Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
Former Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, who is wanted by the judiciary, announced on Friday that his name would be removed from the international list of wanted persons, Interpol, detailing his visit to Iran and meeting with Qassem Soleimani.
Al-Hashemi said in an interview with Al-Arab Al-Jadeed that the Interpol had evaluated the alleged evidence of the fabricated crimes in which the Iraqi Interior Ministry had issued a decision to close the file, drop the charges and delete the red memo. Members including Iraq “.
“There are initiatives that I hope will be sincere and sincere in order to save Iraq with a comprehensive reform movement before the last chance is lost,” Hashemi said.
He added that “Nuri al-Maliki was not eligible for the position he held for eight years without the US-Iranian consensus, in other words, the foreign influence is the one that brought him to power and will remain Iraq for years to come captive to this influence, but time exceeded and because of his failure in the state administration and files The big one that will pursue him throughout his life, Maliki has become, politically, burned paper. “
“In the absence of an Iraqi national consensus, and if injustice, displacement and failure continue, this page will remain open to all possibilities. It is therefore a matter of great concern. Iraq could slide into chaos and more violence,” he said. Which may lead to division, so I urgently call a conference like the Cairo and Mecca conferences to review the experience of Iraq over thirteen years, and agree on the form of governance in the future.
“During my visit to Tehran in March 2007, she met Sulaymani and was attended by the then-head of the Iraqi Revolutionary Guards Corps, Ahmad Farsunda, and my discussions with him exclusively on Iranian influence. The main reason for the visit was after the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, From his inability to answer my repeated questions and questions about the many files and mysterious acts of violence in which I suspected that Iran was secretly operating, such as the activity of Al-Qaeda and the Mehdi Army, and supporting some resistance factions with the requirement that they fight the Americans In Sunni areas only, Qassem confirmed Sulaymani that Iran runs the file of violence in Iraq and has understandings and coordination with all parties without exception and in the service of national security of Iran.
“The arrangement of the Sunni Arab House was unnecessarily delayed, and the call is not new, but it was first launched in Istanbul in May 2012, followed by successive meetings in Erbil, but it did not reach a conclusion and therefore I consider the recent meetings of Ankara to be in this direction, The Sunni Arab House should be arranged in the same way as the rest of the community. “” The Sunni Arabs have an urgent task of unifying the vision of the country’s interests. We must have our own project and our vision of saving Iraq, “he said.
As for the political settlement initiative put forward by the National Alliance, Al Hashimi commented that “it is an orphaned initiative for its future and hope for its success. On the one hand, it is unworthy of removing the injustices that have accumulated over the years on the Sunni Arabs. I do not think there are any real intentions to reform the anomalies in Iraq Rather, it would be necessary to devote these conditions through countermeasures and to maintain political sectarianism, quotas, failure in state administration, organized looting and dependence on Iran. If the pro-Iranian coalition was sincere in its proposals, it would be the cradle of confidence-building measures and the genocide in Mosul. And to allow the return of the displaced families to their homes and to release unrestricted reconstruction budgets, and to put an end to the Shiite Waqf’s office by dominating more Sunni mosques and freeing our children and women who were unjustly and aggressively imprisoned. It would put an end to the terror of the militias and wreak havoc on the land. , And later was a senior corrupt and worked hard to recover looted money, to want to settle.

The Strike At Syria


President Donald Trump speaks at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., Thursday, April 6, 2017, after the U.S. fired a barrage of cruise missiles into Syria Thursday night in retaliation for this week’s gruesome chemical weapons attack against civilians.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The Trump administration has had a rocky start. There was the defeat on Obamacare, staffing the departments has been far too slow, the National Security Advisor lasted only three weeks, there has clearly been infighting in the White House staff, and there have certainly been too many tweets.

But that 75-day break-in period has just ended, and the Trump administration can truly be said to have started only now. The president has been chief executive since January 20, but this week he acted also as Commander in Chief. And more: He finally accepted the role of Leader of the Free World.

This was unexpected: He had appeared to say, during the campaign, that this kind of global leadership role was just too expensive. We were tired of it, tired of having others take advantage of us. We could not solve all the world’s problems.

But the strike at Syria had at its heart precisely that kind of global leadership, to enforce the century-old ban on chemical warfare—in the interest of decency and peace. His remarks ended with words that many predecessors, from Wilson to Roosevelt, and Kennedy to Reagan, might have spoken: “as long as America stands for justice then peace and harmony will prevail.”

Explaining the strike, Secretary of State Tillerson pointed to one clear security goal: “if there are weapons of this nature available in Syria, the ability to secure those weapons and not have them fall into the hands of those who would bring those weapons to our shores to harm American citizens.” But then he added “it’s important that some action be taken on behalf of the international community to make clear that the use of chemical weapons continues to be a violation of international norms.” The term “on behalf of the international community” is certainly not one we have previously heard from the Trump administration.

This strike will save lives—in Syria, by preventing Assad from daring to use chemical weapons again, and in unknown future conflicts where the losing side will be tempted to employ chemical weapons, and will think twice and not do it. Trump saved more lives in Syria by his action this week than Obama did in all his years in office.

And the strike will have far wider effects. It was undertaken while Chinese president Xi was with Trump in Florida. Surely this new image of a president willing to act will affect their conversations about North Korea. Vladimir Putin will think again about his relations with the United States, and will realize that the Obama years of passivity are truly over. Allies and friends will be cheered, while enemies will realize times have changed. When next the Iranians consider swarming around an American ship in the Gulf, they may think again.

Of course this was an easy lift militarily: a few dozen missiles, one air base as a target. Yet our previous president refused to do it; this one acted. He did not let worries about the possible Russian reaction scare him off. He understood that this would not end the war in Syria, but he did it anyway. He was willing to act alone, without demanding a UN Security Council meeting or congressional vote. And of course, leadership pays off: he will have strong bipartisan support on the Hill.

Henceforth when he speaks of American conditions and demands, interests and desires, more attention will be paid. Every official in every foreign government has been trying to figure him out since November 8. This week he gave them a lot to think about. He took command, and issued orders. He didn’t draw a red line and then withdraw it, but instead called Assad’s action intolerable—that overused word—and then proceeded to show that when he said intolerable, he meant it.

Abadi sends two consignments to Saladin to protect them from violations


Thursday, April 06

Arabs today - Abadi directed to send two teams to Salah al-Din to protect them from violations

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi
Baghdad – Omar al-Suwaidi

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, sent two military teams to protect the province of Salah al-Din from frequent security violations, two days after a bloody attack on elements of the city, which killed dozens of dead and wounded.
Salah al-Din governor Ahmed al-Jubouri announced that Abadi sent two delegations to protect the province, noting that the security forces killed 200 elements of the organization called in the process of “revenge of the martyrs,” which was launched in order to end the existence of an advocate in the city.

Jubouri told a number of media that “the commander-in-chief of the armed forces in a telephone call with him to send the two men to carry out pre-emptive operations against elements calling in the entire province.”
Regarding the “revenge of the martyrs,” Jubouri said, “bleeding of the people of the people of the province by the command of operations supported by various types of security forces in the province pre-emptive operations in several areas resulted in the deaths of more than 200 elements of a vengeful for the martyrs of Iraq and the province.”

He added that “the revenge of the martyrs of the province and Iraq also resulted in the destruction of four-wheeled car bomb with a large car bomb in the Chinese sector.
Al-Jubouri concluded by saying: “Our security leaders are a red line and we will not allow anyone to touch them with a word. They are the protectors of the earth and thanks to Allah and their favor. We enjoy security and security. I thank the Iraqi army for its contribution to support the ground forces and secure their air cover.

Jubouri also announced the formation of a committee to investigate the circumstances of the bombings in the city of Tikrit, Tuesday, and killed dozens.

A statement by the Jubouri office that the latter confirmed, during his presidency an expanded security meeting, including the leaders and directors of all security services, that the attack “da’ash” last on the neighborhood of flowers came because of the collapse in the battles to liberate Mosul, prompting its elements to kill themselves and the lives of innocent people and create chaos and strife , But the presence of security forces and the popular and tribal mobilization, and the solidarity of the citizens of the province and their cooperation with them, humiliated “dashing” and broke his fork, and tore his diabolical succession deviant.

He called on the security services to exert all efforts and protect the province from gangs, “calling,” calling at the same time the sons of Salah al-Din to cooperate with the information with the honest security services, and to report all cases suspected, and abide by the instructions of military and security leaders.

The city of Tikrit, the center of the province of Salah al-Din, last Tuesday infiltrated a number of elements calling to the city and attacked by a police patrol and fortified in a school in the neighborhood of flowers, where they clashed with the security forces after being besieged, resulting in dozens of citizens killed and wounded.


Kurdistan Regional Government declares its position on the US raids on Syria


شعار حكومة إقليم كوردستان
Logo of the Kurdistan Regional Government

Ruudau – Erbil

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced its official stance on the US air raids on Syria’s airbase on Friday, April 7, 2017. She expressed her hope that it would become a reason not to repeat attacks similar to those in Khan Sheikhan in the southern countryside of Idlib.

In a statement on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, the Kurdistan Regional Government said that “the people of Kurdistan suffered great persecution by the former Baath regime, most notably the disaster of Halabja bombing in Khemiaoui, which caused 5,000 casualties in several moments. To take the necessary steps, it could have been a reason not to repeat these inhumane crimes. “

The Kurdistan Regional Government expressed its strong condemnation of the attack of Khan Sheikhaon confirmed solidarity and sympathy with the families of the victims, saying: “During the past few days we have seen the use of chemical weapons against the people of Idlib civilians, and this crime brought back to memory all the wounds of the end of the eighties of the last century against the people of Kurdistan “He said.

The KRG stressed that the international community must take a serious stance to prevent the recurrence of this crime and expressed the hope that the step taken by the US forces to prevent and respond to these inhuman acts has caused the recurrence of such crimes. At the same time, Serious efforts to find a radical solution to the complexities and abnormal situations in the Middle East. “

More than 100 civilians were killed and more than 500 wounded, most of them children, in a chemical weapons attack launched by the Syrian regime last Tuesday on Khan Sheikhan in Idlib amid widespread international condemnation.

The United States attacked Tomahawk missiles, the air cap base in Homs province, targeting Syrian planes, fuel supply stations and airport stands, in response to the bombing of the Assad regime in the town of Khan Sheikhan.

A picture of Trump and his team moments after the bombing of Syria

2017-04-07 20:25:00


Khaddan – White House spokesman Sean Spicer published a picture on his Twitter account US President Donald Trump appeared during a meeting with his team members after a missile strike on the base of the Syrian brim.

Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Finance Minister Stephen Menuchin, Trump’s closest advisers, Jared Kouchner, Stephen Bannon and other members of the US president’s team are sitting around the table at Trump’s headquarters in Florida.

“The picture was taken after the airstrike at about 9:15 pm on Thursday April 6, 2017 at Mara Lago (President Donald Trump’s winter home in Florida),” Spicer wrote in a comment on the photo.



URGENT Iraq officially expresses its concern about the escalation in Syria and warns of its impact on the fight against terrorism

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} expressed the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, on Friday, expressed concern about the escalation in Syria, stressing that urgent interventions affect the counter-terrorism efforts.
According to a ministry statement, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, “confirms Iraq ‘s firm and unequivocal position in condemning and denouncing the heinous of using chemical weapons in Syria crime as it considers an escalation of an extremely dangerous”, adding : “We declare our solidarity with the victims of this heinous crime of the sons of the brotherly Syrian people what reminds us of what the Iraqi people suffered Aziz from the use of such lethal by the defunct Baath regime arms affirm our support for the strong and our support for any effort by the international community to punish those that use it . ”
And it called for “an international investigation neutral urgent and accurate to determine who used it in Syria, and punish them with taking all measures to prevent its use again.”
She added foreign, “as we express at the same time , our concern about the danger of escalation in the ongoing conflict on the Syrian territory without agreement on a comprehensive plan to end it with the emphasis on the need to consolidate efforts to eliminate Daesh and other terrorist organizations and end their presence in ultimate protection for the people of the Syrian people and the general peoples the world”.
He noted that “interventions and urgent measures may adversely affect efforts to counter terrorism in particular, and that our people make great sacrifices to cut the tail and we have reached the final stages to eliminate it in Iraq.”
The Trump ordered the bombing of the Syrian government forces Tomahawk missiles capillaries base before meeting the Chinese leader.
US Department of Defense announced that the US military fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles from US Navy destroyers, the Syrian air base.
A spokesman for the US Department of Defense claimed that the “hairs base used to store chemical weapons” .anthy


Kurdistan Security Council declares the killing of140 civilians massacre committed by Daesh Mosul Ayman


Kurdistan Security Council declares the killing of 140 civilians massacre committed by Daesh Mosul Ayman
50 minutes ago

Twilight News / Kurdistan Region Security Council announced on Friday that the organization of the oldest Daesh mass massacre of killing at least 140 civilians tried to escape from his control areas in the right side of the city of Mosul towards the areas where the presence of Iraqi security forces.

The Council was quoted as counter-terrorism as saying of him, he was in Lemme Monday and Tuesday this week, the organization of committing a mass massacre of 140 civilians tried to escape from his control areas.

The statement added that the organization of some of the bodies commented on the electricity poles in the neighborhoods of reform and Tanak, and others delivered at repelled with Iraqi forces lines.


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