Iraqi forces claimed control over 90% of the western axis of the connector


Are GMT 16:58 2017 Wednesday, 05 April / April

 Arabs today - Iraqi forces claimed control over 90% of the western axis of the connector

Iraqi forces
BAGHDAD – The Arabs today

It announced that Iraqi forces they seized control of about 90% of the western axis / Mosul / areas north of the country, and they are advancing in the city center to control it.
Said Maj . Gen. Najim al – Jubouri commander of operations / Nineveh / said his forces now control 90 of the western axis of the Mosul area, with the participation of the fight against “terrorism , ” a federal police force, which is currently encircling new neighborhoods after the completion of editing neighborhoods / Morocco /, and / Yarmouk / and / Zndjeli /, and / mills /, and others.

He added that the security forces are now preparing for the liberation of the remaining areas stationed / Daesh / neighborhoods / July / and / Rifai / and / Mushayrifa / and / Ahamdon / in western Mosul.
On the other hand, the Federal Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat announced the killing of the so – called / glutinous / or special forces in the organization / Daesh / 30 suicide missile strikes in the right part of Mosul , an army official.

He said, in a statement, said that federal police forces continue the quality of its operations by targeting the main headquarters for / Daesh / they killed a leader in the Army / glutinous / or special for / Daesh / 30 forces suicide in missile strikes long-based organization near the hospital course in the area / bridge V / right part of Mosul.

As the Iraqi security forces shot down three planes march and arrested seven of the elements / Daesh / in two separate incidents in the southern axis of Mosul.
A security source said that the security forces managed to drop three aircraft march attempted to target Iraqi forces in the areas / Wadi Hajar / and / Nabi Sheet / and / New Door / South axis in Mosul.

In the same context, the statement of the cell war media reported that intelligence Eighth Brigade forces Seventh Brigade, and the support of the Iraqi Army Air, flattened clusters of elements / Daesh / in the villages / Salal / and / com beloved / western Mosul, killing 30 of the elements of the organization and burning 4 cars carrying machine guns single, as well as the bombing of two car bomb


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