Full security expert: Victory check in Mosul and sleeper cells must address


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said security expert Amir al-Saadi, on Wednesday, the victory achieved completely in the city of Mosul, and that there was a revival of editing operations have not been resolved yet.
According to Saadi, told {Euphrates News}, “victory was fully achieved in the city of Mosul, though some neighborhoods is liberated, but decisive victory achieved,” adding that ” the change Daesh neighborhood July 17 name to the neighborhood stability shows me a significant decline which what declares the victory of the armed forces of the expeditious. ”
He added, ” I do not separate us only a few days may not exceed this April to declare victory.”
And on the security situation in the city of Tikrit in Salahuddin province, al – Saadi said that “Daesh focused on chaotic targeting security and stability, and trying to stability in the ground and obtaining a military victory, a day exploit some pockets in the Sahel left area of spending Sharqat and is only stealth with displaced but there are areas that can sneak them Daesh. ”
The security expert stressed the need to “address sleeper cells waiting for the zero hour to carry out its terrorist operations.”
Saw the city of Tikrit on Tuesday evening, two suicide bombings city center resulted in the deaths of more than 31 people and wounding dozens, while security forces killed the remaining terrorists who sneaked into Almedinh.anthy


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