US official: Baghdad is not in Mosul


Hiding in a specific place does not succeed

US official: Baghdad is not in Mosul

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US forces are unaware of the whereabouts of an al Qaeda leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, according to the latest intelligence, US officials said.
“Al-Baghdadi is not in Mosul and there is no confirmed information about his whereabouts or when he left Mosul,” a senior counterterrorism official was quoted by ABC News as saying.
Adding that since the first week of President Donald Trump’s tenure, American anti-terrorism teams had already identified the location of a sympathetic leader and had besieged it inside Mosul. However, recent intelligence indicates that this belief was mistaken and that it was no longer trapped in Mosul, Large parts of them recently.
Meanwhile, another senior official said US forces believed a leader hiding in a religiously populated place amidst the streets of the densely populated city, where the troops could not target the place for fear of large numbers of civilians, as well as fear of Islamist disrespect if Target a religious site.
“We do not think he is still in Mosul … he is always moving,” the official said.
Over the past months, US forces were certain that al-Baghdadi was not moving, that he was hiding in a specific place that did not escape him, and that US officials had denied media reports that Baghdadi was likely to change his hiding place constantly and that he probably moved to a stronghold Organization in Raqqa, Syria.
“We have a lot of intelligence about al-Baghdadi, but there is no certainty. If al-Baghdadi is still in Mosul, he is probably lying under the rubble, but not a confirmation,” the official was quoted as saying. Most likely hiding in a village in the desert.
But another official confirmed it was a matter of time before the arrest of al-Baghdadi.
Baghdadi has appeared only once since 2014 from a mosque in Mosul, where he declared himself a “successor” to the organization. His latest message was a voice recording urging his followers to fight for Mosul.


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