Urgent .. Iraq announces killing of prominent leaders Bdaash including Kurdish and Saudi

URGENT .. Iraq announces killing of prominent leaders Bdaash including Kurdish and Saudi
one hour ago

Twilight News / announced the Iraqi military intelligence for the liquidation of senior leaders in the organization Daesh including Saudi nationality in Mosul.
According to a statement of the Directorate responded to Twilight News, that based on their information, Air International Alliance directs blows to the sites of terrorist Daesh gangs in Tanak neighborhood of the right side of Mosul and killed a number of its leaders . They are:
– the terrorist Hazem al – Jubouri , alias Abu Qais police official Daesh in Tanak neighborhood .
– terrorist Mohammed Albjara alias Abu Shahin , a battalion of Islam official in Tanak neighborhood.
– terrorist Kedar alias Abu Suleiman Alakraoa Kurdish military official Daesh in Tanak neighborhood.
– Mujahid Anzi aka Abu Mustafa (Saudi national) Zakat Chamber official in Tanak neighborhood.



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