Al-Abbadi economic adviser: the amounts of investment in the payment of time in Iraq amounted to 5 billion dollars

Al-Abbadi economic adviser: the amounts of investment in the payment of time in Iraq amounted to 5 billion dollars

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
The economic adviser to the Prime Minister of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Monday, that there is no problem with the payment of time with the companies invested, indicating that the value of the amounts of payment projects in the past in all governorates to date amounted to 5 billion dollars.
Saleh said in a statement to “Al-Ghad Press,” that “one of the means mentioned in the budget law is the right to implement projects by the payment of the term,” stressing that “projects of payment on time are projects that have vitality and which affect the lives of citizens such as the implementation of projects hospitals and stations Water “.
Saleh explained that “the amounts of payment of the term for projects have been initiated in all provinces with investment companies, amounting to 5 billion dollars, or equivalent to 5 trillion Iraqi dinars.”
He added that “the Iraqi market is a free market, but it does not mean freedom of possession,” pointing out that the dollar is witnessing a bid and demand significantly and the Central Bank of Iraq pumped the dollar significantly in the Iraqi market in order to reduce any problem in the dollar and stability of its price.
He explained that “fluctuations in the price of the dollar are fluctuations in the exchange rate and not economic fluctuations,” stressing that “the rate of inflation in Iraq reached 2%, indicating that this proportion is the lowest currently.”



US Report: Positive Indicators on Iraq’s Economic Future


03 April, 2017

Iraq Stock Exchange

Iraq Stock Exchange

A report by the US network CNBC concluded that Fitch’s confidence in the credit rating of Iraq’s economy last month would have a positive impact on investment in Iraq.

Fitch has awarded Iraq a B + rating with a positive outlook for its future, which it believes will be stable, although it is fighting a war against Islamic state organization, the network wrote in its report.

Fitch has put Iraq at the B + level because of the size of political risks and instability due to the conflicts it is going through.

But pointed out that the positive outlook for the situation of Iraq will have a positive return among investors who fear to pump their money in it.

Financial expert Stephen Simonis said Iraq could raise growth rates thanks to its oil reserves and other dependable sectors.

The report added that granting Fitch Iraq this confidence gives the green light to invest in it, pointing out that the Iraqi market for securities has been operating with all its strength since last year, and there are expectations to redistribute funds allocated for the current military spending in the budget and give a push to spend on infrastructure and economic recovery.

In its March report, Fitch indicated that Iraq’s fiscal situation had improved and projected its fiscal deficit to shrink to 5.1 percent of GDP this year due to rising oil revenues and an increase in government spending by 12.1 percent after three Years of retreat.

Source: Reuters / CNBC

Abadi al-Baghdadi fled to Syria

Khandan – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, said that the information available indicates that the leader of the “Daesh” terrorist Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi fled from Mosul since a long time, and the operations department in Mosul, Abadi said that the victory of the Iraqi forces in Mosul check, and added , “We are in the last box. ”

In an interview with Al fields, Abadi pointed out that the number of terrorists in this little box, and continued , “We will not allow them to assemble.”

He said Abadi , the areas liberated by Iraqi forces in Mosul so far are the most difficult, stressing the Iraqi government ‘s keenness on the security and safety of the population in that city, he added , ” the protection of the civilian population requires their survival in their homes.”

Abadi pointed out that the Iraqi forces liberated the left side of Mosul , completely, and more than half of the right side, and said , “We have liberated the province of Nineveh , after we were about 300 kilometers away.”

In this context, Abadi said that there is a complete project and media plan to highlight all the victories of the Iraqi forces as bad.

Abadi stressed that the return of minorities to the cities priority of the Iraqi government, particularly in Mosul.

Iraqi Prime Minister stressed that the organization is trying Daesh booby – trapping houses in large numbers, and it takes citizens as human shields.

And on the timing of the battle in Mosul, Abadi pointed out that the timing of the battle in the Iraqi city one hundred percent, and that the plan and the potential of all Iraqi. He continued Abadi , ” the American side only provides air cover in the Battle of Mosul.”

Abadi felt that there was confusion in what singled out the air strike that caused the massacre in Mosul, stressing that Daesh put 130 civilians at home and investigations indicate booby – trapping the house by the organization.

Abadi pointed out that Iraqi forces found several houses closed on civilians and booby – trapped and the liberated, accusing Daesh that seeks to reserve civilians and causing carnage in Mosul and accused Iraqi forces of committing.

Abadi stressed that ” in front of Daesh either surrender or death”, refusing to set the time to resolve the battle of Mosul, ” We will not sacrifice the citizens and fighters committed to a particular time.”

Abadi confirmed that the Sunnis innocent of Daesh, pointing out that the organization of the killing of the children of this community times the killing of the other components.

The Abadi said the Iraqi forces managed to eliminate huge numbers of militants Daesh, pointing out that their diminished even in Syria. In the same context, al – Abadi said , “Soon we will capture the whole of Iraq ‘s border with Syria.”

Abadi , accused some of wanting to restore things the bad conditions that paved the way to enter the organization Daesh to Iraqi cities, and said , “We made enormous sacrifices will not go back to previous disagreements.”

He added Abadi , ” We must not allow Daesh and his ilk to return again to Iraq.”

Abadi revealed that the Americans want to take advantage of Iraqi capabilities in urban warfare. On the other hand, Abadi saw that conflicts with the regional countries would pay to support terrorist groups. ”

Abadi: Iraqi air strikes in Abu Kamal was coordinated with Damascus

and the operations carried out by the air Iraq weapons inside Syrian territory, Abadi pointed out that the Iraqi air strikes in the Syrian Abu Kamal area was coordinated with the government in Damascus, where he was targeted by headquarters and factories borne improvised explosive device belonging to the organization Daesh. ” We do not wage any attack outside Iraq in coordination with the government of the country concerned.”
the Abadi expressed interest in control of the Syrian government on the Syrian side of the border. in this context , , He said Abadi said there are links between the perpetrators of the bombings in Baghdad and the leadership Daesh in Abu Kamal.

Abadi: editor of Tal Afar would be for the people of Tal Afar

and the battle in Tal Afar, Abadi said that this region is a much easier than the right side of the connector, pointing out that most of the terrorists in the city of Mosul came from Tal Afar.

the Abadi pointed out that in military terms it was possible to edit Tal Afar four months ago, confirmed that ” the liberation of Tal Afar would be for the people of Tal Afar , and we want them to live in,” and saw that “all components of Tal Afar must be involved in the liberation of the city.”

He continued Abadi , “There is no gap between Tal Afar and the Syrian border , gunmen Daesh trapped in the city.”

Abadi: No combat troops on the ground of Americans

and on coordination between the Iraqi government and the international coalition, Abadi said that there is coordination with the international coalition that on military movements in eastern Syria on the border with Iraq.
Abadi said , “all combat troops on the ground are Iraqi forces .. until the moment there is no combat troops on the ground from the Americans.”

He continued Abadi , “we hired Americans with artillery in some circumstances but not in front,” pointing out that the US artillery far from the front of 40 km and is involved while not commensurate aerial bombardment with field conditions. ”

Ebadi said , ” There are 12 countries to help Iraq in Hrba on Daesh, and exclude the surrounding states because some of them have Ojindath, “noting that air support and support training and logistical support was delayed for Iraq at a time.

he said in this context , ” We want the United States to only training and logistical support to support us . We do not want other. ”

he continued to Ebadi” we told the Americans that all terrorism is bad and may not be B absorb terrorism but eliminate it “, calling on the US administration for not distracting efforts in regional conflicts” because it avails terrorism. ”

Abadi: fighters of the popular crowd did not demand salaries

and about what has recently been said about the solution to the popular crowd, Abadi said , ” We have not heard words from the outside on the abolition of the popular crowd at all , “and threatened to cut off the hand that will extend to the popular crowd from the inside or from the outside.

The prime minister of Iraq that the crowd fighters did not demand even salaries for the defense of Iraq.

Abadi early to talk about the warmth of relations with Saudi Arabia

and the Iraqi relationship – Saudi Arabia, Abadi saw that ” the warmth of Ala With Saudi Arabia nourish “is an early word, considering that this relationship is in the first phase and must normalization at all levels.

In this context, Abadi said that many Saudis have carried out terrorist operations, “It is the right of every Iraqi to think that Saudi Arabia supports terrorism.”

Abadi considered that the visit of Saudi Foreign Minister of the recent Iraq is very important, as well as step by opening a Saudi embassy in Iraq.

Ebadi said , “There is a wrong idea to Saudi Arabia that Iraq is subject to Iran and this is not true.”

The Iraqi prime minister pointed to the success of his government in the normalization of relations with Kuwait, Jordan and Iran, he stressed that his country is not a gateway to Saudi Arabia or the United States towards Iran , or vice versa.

He continued Abadi , “We are looking for commonalities between us and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran,” adding that there is a desire Iranian and Saudi Arabia to calm things in the region.

In this context, Abadi said that there is a conflict Egyptian – Turkey, and an Iranian – Saudi, “We are in Iraq with our interests.”

On the relationship with Iran, Abadi said that all eastern Iraq is almost a border with Iran, saying that the escalation with Tehran will be on the expense of his country.

And mediation between Tehran and Riyadh, al – Abadi said , “At present we are not mediated, and asked us to do so , we are ready.”

Abadi: The problem with Turkey is in the presence of its troops in Ba’shiqah

As for the relationship with Turkey, Abadi said that his country ‘s problem with Turkey represented by Turkish forces in Bashiqa, pointing out that he was isolated this region.

Abadi pointed out that Turkey has said in the media that it will withdraw its troops after the liberation of Mosul, saying that the Turkish military presence is to bypass Iraqi sovereignty.

And on the relationship with Russia, Abadi revealed that the Iraqi government allowed the air force to fly the Russian border strip to hit sites in Syria, referring to the development of relations with this country as a return as a global power.

Abadi was pressure on officials in Kirkuk

, said Iraqi Prime Minister that there was a joint decision with thePeshmerga to conduct a joint operation to control the Sinjar. As for Kirkuk, al – Abadi said he was pressure on officials there to raise the Kurdish flag and they are ready to back down on the subject.

He continued Abadi , ” the flag of Kurdistan in Kirkuk , raised 10 years ago and media escalation aim to disrupt the victories.”

Abadi: the division of Syria is a red line

and what is happening in Syria, Abadi saw that some people want to pay to divide Syria, and commented, “This is a red line we have.”
Abadi said , “We found in the United States commitment to the unity ofSyria , ” accusing the Turks that they are focusing on fighting theKurds in Syria more than fight Daesh.

The Abadi described the Syrian conflict as a disturbing conflict of Iraq, he saw that the division and conflict leads to a vacuum fueling terrorism.

Abadi revealed that US officials said the Syrian government boycott mistake, noting that they were convinced of this speech.

As pointed out that he had asked the Arabs “extinguish the Syrian fire,” Abadi saw that the money spent on regional wars was to make the Arab world Committee.

Abadi: the war in Yemen may stop soon

and the war in Yemen, al – Abadi said that Saudi Arabia was convinced of the need to end the war there, he said , adding that this could happen soon.

In this context, Abadi said that there is an American opinion calls to keep the war in Yemen.

And if oil prices, Abadi said that all “OPEC” organization affected countries Price, expressing his willingness to cut Iraqi oil production.



Urgent .. Abadi: flag of Kurdistan in Kirkuk 10 years ago and the escalation to confuse victories


Urgent .. Abadi: flag of Kurdistan in Kirkuk 10 years ago and the escalation to confuse victories
57 minutes ago

Twilight News Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, said / said the furore to raise the flag of Kurdistan in Kirkuk province aimed to disrupt the victories of Iraqi forces to organize Daesh.
Ebadi said in an interview with TV fields, the Kurdistan flag is raised in Kirkuk 10 years ago and media escalation aim to disrupt the victories.
Voted Kirkuk Provincial Council last week , the majority of votes on the decision to raise the flag of Kurdistan next to the Iraqi flag on all institutions and government departments, as part of a session held in the city ‘s central province of Arab and Turkmen components.
It has already been condemned Turkey asked Kirkuk province raise the flag of the Kurdistan Region, where a spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hussein Mufti Ihsanoglu said that the move from one side represents a threat to peace and stability in Iraq, and harm – rich Kirkuk economically diverse and identity , culturally and socially.


Urgent .. Iraq announces killing of prominent leaders Bdaash including Kurdish and Saudi

URGENT .. Iraq announces killing of prominent leaders Bdaash including Kurdish and Saudi
one hour ago

Twilight News / announced the Iraqi military intelligence for the liquidation of senior leaders in the organization Daesh including Saudi nationality in Mosul.
According to a statement of the Directorate responded to Twilight News, that based on their information, Air International Alliance directs blows to the sites of terrorist Daesh gangs in Tanak neighborhood of the right side of Mosul and killed a number of its leaders . They are:
– the terrorist Hazem al – Jubouri , alias Abu Qais police official Daesh in Tanak neighborhood .
– terrorist Mohammed Albjara alias Abu Shahin , a battalion of Islam official in Tanak neighborhood.
– terrorist Kedar alias Abu Suleiman Alakraoa Kurdish military official Daesh in Tanak neighborhood.
– Mujahid Anzi aka Abu Mustafa (Saudi national) Zakat Chamber official in Tanak neighborhood.—%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B9%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%82-%D9%8A%D8%B9%D9%84%D9%86-%D9%82%D8%AA%D9%84-%D9%82%D8%A7%D8%AF%D8%A9-%D8%A8%D8%A7%D8%B1%D8%B2%D9%8A%D9%86-%D8%A8%D8%AF%D8%A7%D8%B9%D8%B4-%D8%A8%D9%8A%D9%86%D9%87%D9%85-%D9%83%D9%88%D8%B1%D8%AF%D9%8A-%D9%88%D8%B3%D8%B9%D9%88%D8%AF%D9%8A


Abadi: I do not think in the second term and now have taken decisions not popular


Abadi: I do not think in the second term and now have taken decisions not popular
39 minutes ago

Twilight News / said Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said to Ivker at the present time , a new government mandate.
Ebadi said in a television interview with fields, he does not think in the second term now, and said he made decisions have no popular.
On the relationship with America , “Americans want to take advantage of Iraqi capabilities in urban warfare , ” he said.
He added that “America ‘s a big country and has interests in all the world and its priorities so we have to rely on ourselves.”
Abadi and he stopped on the situation in the region, and said that the money spent on regional wars was to make the Arab world is much better.
He also said , “There is no justification for the continuation of the war in Syria and the existing conflict in Yemen. If they want to remain united Syria , we must engage in dialogue with the Syrian government.”
And the latest development in the relationship with Saudi Arabia , Abadi said that the visit of the Saudi foreign minister is very important as well as opening a Saudi embassy in Iraq.
He said that ” the relationship with Saudi Arabia in its early stages and we want to normalize with it at all levels.”

Abadi receives chief of staff and the joint US-Looking battles with Mosul



Since 04/03/2017 20:45 (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD – balances News

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dnfor received, while the two sides discussed the battles for liberation against Daesh terrorist.

According to the Prime Minister, in a statement, it received / scales News /, a copy of it, that “al-Abadi, in his office on Monday, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dnfor and his accompanying delegation.”

The statement added, “The delegation included the commander of the international coalition forces in Iraq and Syria, General Stephen Taunznd, and Senior Advisor to US President Donald Trump and Gerard Kouchner and Senior Advisor to the Advisor to the US National Security Tom Bosart, as well as the US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Suleiman.”

The statement noted, that “was discussed during the meeting of the battle of Mosul and the support of the international coalition for Iraq, training and arming Iraqi forces as well as the displaced file.”

For his part, the delegation, according to the statement, “support for the government in its war against terrorism,” expressing “admiration for the development of the combat capabilities of the Iraqi forces, which achieved victories on Daesh.”

The US president arrived adviser Donald Trump and Jared Kushner married his daughter Ivanka to Iraq, accompanied by Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Danford.anthy 29/9 P



Image of the possible port attack St. Petersburg

3/04/2017 19:54:00

Khandan – View a Russian news site on Monday, as someone said that the police are looking for, in connection with the blast, which occurred in a train metro Saint-Petersburg.
Reveal the picture published in “Fontanka”, a bearded middle – aged man wearing a black hat, according to Reuters news agency.

The site reported that the man entered the Petrograd Skaya station 20 minutes before the explosion on a train.

Revealed agency Interfax, the surveillance cameras spotted the suspect in the deadly bombing of the St. Petersburg Metro, while the authorities announced that it was investigating a “terrorist act.”

The agency quoted a source, unnamed, as saying that “surveillance cameras in the subway station took pictures of the suspect” in the attack , which killed 10 people and injuring others.




Trump’s son-in-law in Baghdad to convey ‘commitment, support’ for Iraqi gov’t


By Rudaw 49 minutes ago

Trump’s son-in-law in Baghdad to convey ‘commitment, support’ for Iraqi gov’t
Jared Kushner (L) and Gen. Joseph Dunford (R) at Ramstein Airbase in German en route to Baghdad on Monday. Photo: US Department of Defense
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor was in Baghdad to discuss the war against ISIS and convey the US President’s “commitment and support for the government of Iraq.”

Jared Kushner visited Iraq on Monday on the invitation of Gen. Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “to meet with Iraqi leaders, senior US advisors, and visit with US forces in the field to receive an update on the status of the counter-ISIS campaign in Iraq and Syria,” according to a press statement.

They were joined in their visit by Thomas P. Bossert, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism.

Kushner, on his first trip to Iraq, “is travelling on behalf of the President to express the President’s support and commitment to the Government of Iraq and US personnel currently engaged in the campaign,” the press statement detailed.

Dunford said he had invited Kushner and Bossert on the trip in order for them to gain a better understanding of the situation on the ground. “I think the more appreciation anyone can have… for what’s happening on the ground, the more informed you are to start talking the strategic issues,” the Department of Defense’s media reported him saying.

They will meet coalition commanders in Baghdad and examine Iraqi needs for the ongoing war against ISIS.

The US is expecting that Iraq will continue to need US support even after ISIS is ousted from its Mosul stronghold, Dunford said, adding that stabilization efforts will be a focus in the months ahead.

The US is also concerned about Iranian influence in Iraq via the powerful Hashd al-Shaabi forces.

“In the wake of operations in Mosul, clearly, the Sunnis that live in the region are going to want to ensure the issues are addressed properly, and I don’t know if they want to be liberated from ISIS only to then, by their perception, … be oppressed by Shia militia that are influenced by Iran,” said Dunford.

Kushner’s West Wing portfolio is robust. He has been deeply involved with presidential staffing, recently launched a task force meant to modernize government using lessons drawn from the private sector, and has played the role of shadow diplomat, advising on relations with the Middle East, Canada and Mexico.

And though Kushner had no previous diplomatic or government experience, Trump also tasked him with trying to broker a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

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