Trump for servants are committed to supporting Iraq


04/01/2017 0:00

Open three wings of progress towards the «Great Mosque of Al – Nouri»
Baghdad / Mosul / morning

Has expanded impressively international support, in support of Iraq ‘s efforts to eliminate terrorism, Following two days of “declaration of Jordan summit , ” which Park wins security forces, government efforts to defeat terrorism, US President Donald Trump ‘s new, during a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister, Haider al – Abadi, the position of the Government ofWashington to strengthen its cooperation with Iraq to defeat “Daesh” gangs, at the same time expressing his “admiration for the courage of the Iraqi people.”
Increased international support for Iraq at the Arab League and the American administration was not limited to , where the United Nations expressed the words of its secretary general, who visited Baghdad yesterday, expressed “solidarity with the Iraqi people who are fighting the war on terrorism on behalf of the world , ” a similar attitude shown by the Moscow government also . International positions in favor of the victories ofIraq, came at a time when our security forces on Friday tightened the valiant noose on theorganization of “Daesh” terrorist in the old areas of Mosul. Where federal police command announced the opening of three wings of progress towards the “Great Mosque of Al -Nouri” in which the offender is “Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi , ” “it declared the alleged successor” to close our troops from the liberation of the mosque and a beacon ofhumpback, at a time when liberated our heroine Alban neighborhood and the village ofsoap and the train station where the side right of Mosul after killing dozens of herds of theterrorist organization, while a number of leaders “Daesh” killing air raids targeting their hideouts in the agrarian reform neighborhood in Mosul Ayman.



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