Pentagon: We will release a secret video showing responsibility for the bombing Daesh new Mosul


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said the US Department of Defense [Pentagon] it would soon deploy video recording fighters from Daesh shows they are marching civilians to a building in the city of Mosul , and then shoot him in the latest response from the US military to the criticism that followed another explosion believed to have inflicted dozens civilians killed in the new neighborhood of Mosul last Friday.
The US military has admitted that the alliance led by perhaps had a role in the blast , which occurred on March 17, but said the responsibility could also be located on Daesh.
Local officials and witnesses said up to 240 people may have died in the new neighborhood of Mosul , when an explosion in a building collapsed and buried families under the ruins.
And it called on Amnesty International also called on Pope Francis to provide better protection for civilians trapped in combat zones in Iraq.
The Pentagon usually does not publish photographs or videotapes of operations sites, but had so this month after he denied hitting a mosque in Syria and broadcast an image from the air to show that the mosque was intact, and is being investigated in the incident.
A spokesman for the coalition led by the United States in the fight Daesh told reporters on Thursday that he isseeking to remove the secret for a video showing Daesh civilians as they entered the building in western Mosul , ” the coalition on the bait tempted to attack.”
Col. Joseph Skeroka “What is happening now is not the use of civilians as human shields, for the first time we discover this through a video yesterday as forced by armed fighters from Daesh civilians to enter the building and killed one showed resistance and then used the building as a fight against anti – terrorist unit]” .
The Defense Minister Irfan Algiala said during a hosted last Tuesday in parliament about the incident , said that “preliminary investigations indicate that who is behind the incident in the new Mosul is Daesh,” stressing that “no interest to charge against any party without evidence and will not be delayed in the detection of thefacts before the public opinion. ”
Interior Minister Qassem al – Araji , also said during the meeting also that “Daesh makes civilians as human shields and killing any civilians is painful for all,” adding that “investigations into the incident continued and the cabinet face to send a ministerial delegation to the coast right area to support civilians and security forces in the battle , explaining that there were no state in a state of war calling for parties to hold accountable security services. ”
He added that “any evidence to show that what happened was by the Iraqi forces will take all legal measures but existing data suggest that Daesh stands behind what happened.”
According to a parliamentary report during the parliamentary session on the incident , the role of theinternational coalition led by the United States and said that ” the new Mosul neighborhood has seen in this March 17 , booking hundreds of civilians in one of the buildings and the Daesh terrorist opened fire on security forces, which he considered the international coalition source of fire , which led to the bombing of the building and killing 263 civilians. ”
And defense parliamentary security committee also confirmed the role of the coalition process bombing and said yesterday in a report in the parliament session that ” the new Mosul area exposed to the air strike by coalition aircraft on a residential role appeared the presence of civilians , which has been reported to thefight against terrorism , a commander of the piece of information, which contributed to presenting thebombing assistance for the evacuation of the martyrs, “he said . ” the air strike was at the request of the Iraqi forces , as demonstrated by the terrorist Daesh detained civilians as human shields. ”
For his part , the representative of the anti – terrorism system by hosting ministers and security leaders yesterday ‘s meeting of parliament that “Daesh terrorist benefited from the left coast battles lessons and resorted to the use of civilians as human shields,” adding that ” the international coalition forces dealt withthe same day as the new Mosul accident three wheels bomb, but it can not lead to such destruction. ”
He stressed the parliament speaker Salim al – Jubouri that “can not say for sure now , the results of the investigation on the Mosul incident,” urging that “the House of Representatives to thank the forces of security and crowd the popular and the Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes for their effort in the battle and warn Antla tricks of the enemy and not to be rushed by mentioning the details of the incident and left parliamentary committees competent investigation, explaining that the enemy is fighting in his last days , andit is unlikely he broadcast sedition among the sons of the homeland. ”


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