Pentagon: record shows the involvement of «Daesh» Mosul massacre


04/01/2017 0:00

More than 0001 dead terrorist in the right coast ,
Mosul / morning
in a move that will resolve the controversy over the terrorist crime committed against civilians in the right coast, said the US Pentagon, it will publish a video recording elements of the “Daesh” shows they are forced civilians to enter a building in Mosul andthen shoot him in order to delude the international coalition aircraft targeting. Col. Joseph Skeroka US military commander told reporters on Friday: “It seeks to remove the secret registration photographer elements” Daesh “shows as they entered civilians in a building in western Mosul (New Mosul neighborhood incident) as bait tempt the coalition attack,” he added , “for the first time we discover this is by registering as a photographer forced elements of “Daesh” civilians to enter the building and killed one showed resistance andthen used the building as a location for the shooting of the Iraqi forces. ”
And as a spokesman Colonel Skeroka also on behalf of the International Alliance, that ” the number of terrorists” Daesh “elements who have been killed in Mosul Ayman since thestart of fighting last February exceeded one thousand people dead.”

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