Pentagon publishes «Video» secret about the involvement of «Daesh» incident «New Mosul»


04/01/2017 0:00

Our planes march shows the use of the terrorist organization of civilians as human shields
Mosul / morning
at a time when the US Pentagon announced that it will publish a video recording elements of the”Daesh” shows they are forced civilians to enter abuilding in Mosul , and then shoot him, revealed a video image of the march of the police forces of the Federal aircraft How to force the terrorists gangs “Daesh”, on the use ofcivilians as human shields.
The Federal Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat said in a statement on Friday: ” Theplanes march revealed one of the ” Daesh “methods of malicious use of civilians as human shields , ” and added that they “spotted a terrorist and is using a child by force to escape from Guenastna fire in the old city Mosul, and issued an order not to fire for fear of injuring the child. ”
For his part, Col. Joseph Skeroka US military commander said in remarks to reporters on Friday: “It seeks to remove the secret registration photographer elements” Daesh “shows as they entered civilians in a building in western Mosul (New Mosul neighborhood incident) as bait tempt the coalition attack,” he added “what is happening now is not theuse of only civilians as human shields, for the first time we discover this through a video as forced elements of” Daesh “civilians to enter the building and killed one showed resistance and then used the building as a location for the shooting of the Iraqi forces.”
And as Colonel Skeroka , a spokesman also on behalf of the International Alliance, that ” the number of terrorists” Daesh “elements of those killed in Ayman Mosul since the start of the fighting last February exceeded one thousand people dead , ” as the US commander revealed that ” the so- called” Ibrahim Al – Ansari “, an official media in “Daesh” and four of his aides were killed in a raid by coalition forces last week in the city of Qaim. ”
In the context of Agramha against civilians employed as human shields in Mosul, “Daesh” terrorist gang proceeded first on Thursday on the execution of 23 civilians Mouselaa after the abduction, reported intelligence sources that “gang” Daesh “executed 23 Iraqi civilians were kidnapped by its members for refusing to withdraw with one of its terrorists right side of the connector alive. ”
On the other hand, intelligence sources reported from inside Mosul that “some leaders” Daesh “terrorist issued a ruling authorized the withdrawal of the elements of the fighting in the right coast of the city of Mosul , basing its judgment on the interpretations (Ibn Taymiyah) that it is permissible to withdraw from the fighting, so as to know the leaders of” Daesh “terrorist confirmed that after losing most of its leaders and elements of stores gear and gun battles in the right coast of the city of Mosul , defeated, and became a duty to escape its elements.”
Furthermore, according to a statement to the Ministry of the Interior, that ” the Directorate of Intelligence and counter – terrorism Nineveh operating within the Federal Intelligence Agency investigations have arrested 11 suspects in the left side of the city of Mosul , they confessed to being members of the gangs” Daesh “terrorist.”

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