Maliki’s return to the presidency


29-03-2017 09:15 PM


Eastern News –

Ibrahim Al-Zubaidi

It is not only Nuri al-Maliki who has found himself prime minister by accident, and not a single Iraqi prime minister has been chosen, from 2003 until today, by chance. He is believed to be a true leader, leader and imam.

Dr. Ayad Allawi came from the Governing Council, which Bremer himself said that his members (hypocrites, opportunists and greedy are not satisfied).

After a long and sterile debate between the parties of Iran and the Kurdistan Front, the Americans, the British and the United Nations about who could be a transitional prime minister for a few months, until the elections 2005, they found none other than Iyad Allawi a compromise, as it satisfies the leaders of the Kurds, for his long friendship with them, (Despite his Baathist background), in which Iran comforts his Shiites, and reassures the leaders of the National Coalition because they experienced and tried along the alliance with them, from the days of the conference in Vienna, which divided with his leadership, and the tenth of which is better, and even today.

And when the National Alliance (Shiite) won in those elections, Bal (majority), and hot leaders in the selection of a prime minister of them, they found only two, the Supreme Council candidate Adel Abdul Mahdi, and the candidate of the Dawa Party Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and then won the latter by accident, One is the voice of the Sadrist movement, which decided to support the candidate of the Dawa Party Nkaya the Supreme Council, for the differences between them, then.

When the American, Iranian, Iraqi, Shiite, and Kurdish will agreed to Jaafari’s failure, shaken his leadership and weakened him, President Bush asked his Iraqi ambassador at the time, Zalmay Khalilzad: Can you get rid of Jaafari? “Yes,” he replied.

The ambassador then made efforts to persuade Jaafari to step down. He agreed, but stipulated that his successor be from the Dawa Party as well.

Here Zalmay Khalilzad’s puzzlement began. He discovered that the most prominent candidate, Ali al-Adeeb, a leader of the Dawa Party, is inappropriate, because his father is Iranian, and many Iraqis accuse the Americans of conspiring with the Iranians.

He asked himself, “Is it reasonable to say that of the 30 million Iraqis who are candidates for prime minister, only one can not make a decision, and another Iranian? Is there no other? “

An individual link in the CIA officer was present, “I have a candidate for you, named Nuri al – Maliki.”

At the dinner table at the US Embassy Khalilzad he asked home to al – Maliki, do you want to become the Prime Minister of Iraq? Maliki jumped from his seat, surprised, shouting, I? are you serious?

And after two dark sessions destroyed did not leave Nuri al-Maliki to anyone in America and Iran, nor within the Dawa Party itself, and in the Shiite alliance set up by the prime minister, an option but to deport him, and the advent of an alternative non-politically consumed, not known for embezzlement and killing and sectarian extremism, Abadi. Here, too, the prime minister made a coincidence.

This is what history has proven, from the clatter of peace to you. But despite these scandals, senior powerbrokers, especially Shiite Islamist rulers, many of their sympathizers and admirers, continue to boast that they are governed by the will of the people, that they have come on the back of democracy and that their legitimacy is being extracted from the ballot boxes alone, .

But the smallest Iraqi citizen knows that they are “temporary colonial goods that have not expired yet, and it is not time to throw them out or neglect them,” Paul Bremer, his successor, the US ambassador to Iraq, said.

The purpose of this article is not to engage in debate about their sincerity or lying to wear the mantle of democracy. This is an issue that needs no debate. Most of them have armed sectarian militias that have committed murder, assassination and embezzlement, and have fought against their opponents and rivals in politics or money.

After all that happened and what became Nuri al – Maliki still dreams of returning to the presidency again. The news that he is allied with Ammar al-Hakim to form a majority government, after the new elections, expelled from their partners the Sadrists, Kurds, Sunnis, Christians and independents, and unique rule, as if time can return to 2003, or 2005 or 2010, and if the Electoral Commission will remain the same As if the Iraqi people will remain the same misguided people ignorant drugged with the slogans of the revolutions of Hussein of the grandchildren of more, as if they can silence the angry millions, and most of them Shiite national conscious, no advocacy or Baathist Wahhabism or Tkfirip, as if Tahrir Square, which fills every Friday Which is not rebelling Iraqis, but Htavon from Djibouti Importers and Somalia.

“The idea of a participatory government was necessary for some stage of a new Iraq,” Hakim and Maliki say. “But more than half have a majority and those who remain are opposed.”

There is no objection to the idea of a majority government if it was the result of a healthy election, and between genuine and honest parties that take their legitimacy from their masses by their programs alone, not with the weapons of their militias, and with the falsification of elections and certificates, and with religious slogans and fatwas. And tasted of their democracy woe and pity

It is very sad that al-Maliki and al-Hakim prove that they are a country governed by scientists, experts and innovators who are ignorant of God’s creation, and most of them are astray and ignorant, when they are not sure that the world has changed and change around them and they do not feel.

The nation that raped him in the absence of the same will not be after the liberation of Mosul, Al-Raqqa, and the end of the rule of Assad, and after the return of the Americans to Iraq and the region again under the pretext of fighting terrorism, and after the selection of Tarmb members of his administration of Kashifin, more than before, The militias that were elected, which guard the ballot boxes, which produce votes, are the ones that announce the results, which appoints deputies, ministers, directors, ambassadors, bank guards, ports and airports.

When Maliki thinks of returning to the rule of Iraq again, the majority or otherwise, he will be one of two, either Samson who guided the temple on himself and his enemies all, or an idiot who wants to revive the bones is a remorse.

The article expresses the opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the view of Eastern News

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