Jaafari: Iraq’s record victories for all Arab brothers and the summit of Oman surrounded by serious challenges [Extended]


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Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari said the Arab summit in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , surrounded by a lot of serious challenges that have spread here and there, also lined ambitions petition Off waiting to detonate potential; to make their these ambitions en route to the application, while noting that the victories Iraq is achieved for all Arab brothers.
A statement from his office received by the agency of Iraq [where] a copy of it today for al – Jaafari said in a speech at the ministerial preparatory meeting for the Arab summit / Ordinary Session of the 28th in the Dead Sea in Amman “in Iraq raging battle since the Hnevic to three years, and today for the benefit of the Iraqi armed forces, this period was characterized by the existence of brutal killings in the usurped provinces, and in March the terrorists under sunlight in front of the sight and hearing of the whole world atrocities of unspeakable cruelty, how can imagine that if those destined to catch the government, but has a wealth as wealth presentation S, and size as the size of Iraq ‘s how you will see the image of this state?
“The Iraq recorded the day victories, which all of you, criminality perpetrated by terrorists Daesh arrived that crafted the new armor through a human tunnel of women and children under the buildings, and the same buildings are stepping up bombardment and confrontation against the Iraqi armed forces; even force them to the shelling of these innocent people, and it was the sons of the Iraqi forces to enter these tunnels; until they leave the victims from under the rubble .. this method of deliberate and brutal new world free of all human dimension. ”
He said al – Jaafari , “all the people of these provinces moved in earnest, and provided the finest of their loved ones; even achieve victory .. and mixed with the blood of Iraqis together from different religions, creeds, and nationalities, and the areas to which they belong; and so they were able to achieve remarkable progress exceeded the perception that between 2014 to 2017 to take even this epic liberation of these three provinces that Hnevic the end of the confrontation actually. ”
He noted that ” the three provinces was raped, the [province of Anbar, Salahuddin, and Mosul, which the provinces of the victim , which has been bleeding during the period that have passed, and joined by the provinces of sacrifice that provided the most precious thing to have, it made her sons, and all I have to rescue her sisters other provinces, he entered Basra, Nasiriyah, Amarah, Diwaniyah, Samawah, Kut, Karbala, Najaf, Hilla, Baghdad, Diyala, and included all governorates of Iraq .. It is a broad war in participation, and deep in the conscience. ”
He said al – Jaafari , “What was this victory that is not for the huge sacrifice that Iraqis dye the ground in Iraq red with blood, and still gives Iraq a large number of martyrs, and must contribute siblings .. We do not want them to give their blood; blood of Iraqis committed itself to be unique tender, but they can afford to participate with financial support, and moral, and the media, and the political, and to stand by Iraq, and send a “message of love for all Iraqis that the brothers with them in the fields of confrontation.
He said , “Iraq today is witnessing a demonstration of a national no disagreement, and wars, nor anything between the sons of the Iraqi people .. It’s one war between the Iraqi national and the brutal Aldaashah .. those enjoying brutality and viciousness, and suicide, and they have the spirit of martyrdom heroine, and sacrifice in order to save human .. this is what is happening in Iraq. ”
He called for the Arab brothers stand, and the Arab summit conference that sends a message that “we are with you of moral and material support .. I said, and I repeat again: Iraq is a rich country, and multi – wealth, but it is going through exceptional circumstances, and everyone knows that .. and honestly said [when adversity knows Brotherhood]. ”
He stressed that there are challenges aired in the form of culture led the children of our nation in the various regions despite all blessed with the moral wealth, physical pain, it spreads poverty, disease, and ignorance that have benefited, and Astadhm are Aldoaash of ignorance site; Fbohm the direction that he wants.
Turning Jaafari for violation of the Turkish forces and the Iraqi territories, saying , you know very well that the Turkish troops penetrated Iraqi region [Ba’shiqah] two years ago and to this day have entered 110 kilometers deeper inside Iraq, and did not back down, which were not in front of an Iraqi decision of rejection, but after the Arab consensus for the first time in the history of the Arab League when they made a decision to the need to withdraw from Ba’shiqah become facing Iraq is an Arab – sized; as if all Arab countries were unanimous on this position. ”
with regard to Palestine between Jaafari that” the Iraqi position is the same historical position that has not and will unswervingly .. We epithet May be that we have to continue our support to our Palestinian brothers, they face the most notorious, and oldest enemy in the arena of conflict between the Arab states and Israel, stating: suspected of imagine that Palestine Palestinians as only; it is not a measure Palestinians, or Arab, or Islamic only, it is estimated humane human will embodied the most pronounced forms and faces atrocities by the Zionists, we must keep in our priorities that Jerusalem and the holy places vulnerable to abuse continuously, and can not be dismantling the crime multiple precincts “a.
And Iraq ‘s position on the Syria – Jaafari pointed out that “Syria is an Arab country authentic, and has a history of Mughal – footed, and has his or her own extended, the time has come because not deny any Arab country from the audience here at the Arab League sessions, enrichment, and we should not deprive the university Arab of her sons loyal and representatives of their countries , regardless of all the differences .. differences Tstgesna because think about how to handle this difference a civilized language, and dialogue; boycott and alienation of not more than in the mud , but worse .. It is not the power to Nkhasam anyone .. Arab house must be present under the Arab Al Khaimah H, and represents all its components without exception; so we have to induce paced, and think seriously how we collect all of the Arab House members, and deal with the Syrian crisis in the best possible ways. ”
Jaafari also reiterated Iraq ‘s position for Yemen , saying “we have said from the rostrum of Sharm el – Sheikh: We are not with the military intervention, and we expressed at the time that this war does not Rabeh them; often and knock both Khasran .. Every blood Arabic bleeding there is a loss for all of us, and every woman widowed, orphaned and every child, every man there Afja loss for all of us; therefore it is time to review the courage .. We need to review what happened .. We are for a peaceful political solution, and with the political legitimacy, and with the election, and with whom he was elected, and all that is true. ”
However , al – Jaafari said , “but when there is a phenomenon where the bypass should not think without a political solution, and when they hang a political solution will be the second option is a political solution, and when they hang the third option is a political choice -oadha- should not think the solution is political when they hang any Of which”.
And “what we say about Yemen say about Libya, and we are with a political solution, however legitimate, we should combine all our efforts.”



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