Detect an unspecified number of US military personnel will head to Mosul and reason !!


27-03-2017 08:53 PM


Eastern News –

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – An unspecified number of US military personnel are heading into northern Iraq to take part in the battle in Mosul, the Millitary Times newspaper reported Monday.

“US forces belong to the 82nd Airborne Division, specifically the 2nd Brigade Combat Team at Fort Bragg, based in California,” the newspaper said in a statement.

“The 1,700-strong combat brigade has already been deployed between Iraq and Kuwait and it is not clear whether the new deployment orders will be applied to the 2,500 soldiers remaining at Fort Bragg,” she said.

“Officials are reluctant to deploy troops on the border between Iraq and Syria by announcing that the deployment is temporary rather than permanent, according to US officials who declined to be identified. No soldiers will be deployed to Syria, targeting Mosul and focusing on a preacher. Separate to Syria at the request of the Pentagon. “

The US Defense Department estimates that the number of “Da’ash” elements remaining in Mosul is estimated at 2,000, which is lower than the previous figure of 3,000 to 5,000.

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