50 Da’asiyah killed while crossing from Syria to Iraq

Baghdad – Journal News
The military information cell announced on Monday that 50 terrorists were killed by air strikes as they crossed from Syria to Iraq.

The cell said in a statement that “according to the information of the Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency, the Air Falcons carried out several air strikes that resulted in the targeting of a gathering of elements calling for the terrorist in the area of Balig south-west of Tal Afar as they tried to cross from Syria and his losses, killing about 50 terrorists and the destruction of 10 wheels of different types Including heavy and agricultural mechanisms and the burning of some of the headquarters encircled within the end of their gathering and their intention to make the area of the center of Blegg towards the operations.

The statement added that “the destruction of a warehouse of missiles and explosive devices in full and killed about 8 terrorists in the Kairouan area south-west of Tal Afar, as well as the destruction of the enemy added in the area of Blige and killed about 12 terrorists were inside and wounded many of them.”

The statement concluded, “It also destroyed the grave of the elements of the Daash and Babel operations room in full with the killing of a number of terrorists in the area of Mahalip in Mosul.”



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