The battle of Mosul … Baghdadi is out of sight and the smell of death looms from the city


The battle of Mosul ... Baghdadi is out of sight and the smell of death looms from the city

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Al-Ghad Press:
As the Iraqi forces approach the perimeter of the Grand Mosque of Nuri in the old city of Mosul, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s dream of an Islamic state, which includes a large measure of Iraq and Syria, is lost. As the fate of the organization’s leader remains unknown, the city has been transformed into ruins that smell of death.
The fighters have shown great resistance in the face of Iraqi forces to retain the mosque, which saw the emergence of the organization’s leader for the first time to announce his succession in 2014, by deploying his sniper on the roofs and booby traps between the narrow alleys, which transformed the buildings and houses of this region to the objectives of the strikes of the International Alliance for The past days, despite their overcrowding.
Houses in the neighborhoods of the Grand Mosque and the new Mosul on the western side of the city have turned into mass graves of people protected by the militant organization as human shields.
Civil defense volunteers and medics, dressed in medical masks and carrying shovels, are struggling to recover bodies from rubble in the new city of Mosul, whose houses are surrounded by heavy shelling.
“The resurrection has taken place in the new city of Mosul. You can not remove all these bodies from the rubble,” said Basma Basim, head of the Mosul district council.
“Hundreds were buried under the rubble of their homes, and their dreams and aspirations faded away.”
“The current efforts are not enough to recover hundreds of bodies from the rubble, and the city turned into a second Cuban, and everyone has their responsibilities.”
“The situation in the city is very tragic,” said Mohamed Elias, a 37-year-old relief worker. “We receive daily distress calls from entire families who were buried in their homes.”
“The houses in the new Mosul have been turned into mass graves for civilians,” Elias said.
The large-scale military campaign to restore the old city on the western side of Mosul over the past two days has slowed down due to poor weather conditions and the inability of the coalition’s international airliners to target sites that have helped evacuate hundreds of besieged families into safe areas.
“They are fighters who are being killed to prevent Iraqi forces from entering the Nuri Mosque, where our forces are only hundreds of meters away,” said a fighter in the federal police, whose forces are besieging the area.
“They blew up all the roads leading to the mosque in the old area and deployed snipers on rooftops to block the advance of Iraqi forces,” he said.
“Baghdadi has fled the battle and left his fighters facing death on their own, it is only a matter of time to get Mosul back from the grip of these,” he said, referring to the fighters of the organization calling.

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