US State Department unveils weapons to Iraq

Baghdad – Agencies
Since 2005, the United States has exported to Iraq various types of weapons and military equipment in excess of $ 22 billion.

A statement issued by the ministry on military-technical cooperation between the United States and Iraq today: The government in Baghdad covered the “overwhelming majority” of US arms deliveries using funds from Iraq’s budget.

The US State Department indicated that the Iraqi government purchased the weapons directly from the US government. In 2016, the Iraqi government purchased from the United States 36 F-16 fighters and a range of its munitions packages, including Missiles from the AIM-9M Sidewiner and AGM-65 Maverick, 141 M1A1 tanks, 24 IA407 helicopters and nine C-130 military transport aircraft. Of the United States on quantities of weapons and surplus military equipment, including 300 large armored MRAP vehicles, “OH-58” helicopters, artillery Auzzr.

In its statement, the United States affirmed its commitment to the strategic partnership with Iraq and its people and its efforts to improve security conditions, support Iraq’s sovereignty and defeat other terrorist organizations and organizations.


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