Arab summit victories congratulates Iraq on terror

3/25/2017 0:00 
Aboul Gheit: the desire among Iraqis to stay away from quotas  

Jordan / Dead Sea / Esra Khalifa 

Congratulated the Arab summit, which started preliminary meetings in Jordan, the Iraqi people and government victories achieved by our armed forces on the factions gangs «Daesh» terrorist, with start Saturday meetings of the Arab League Council at the level of delegates of the Arab ministerial preparation in the presence of Permanent Representative of Iraq to the Arab League and its ambassador in Egypt Ambassador Habib al-Sadr, kicks off Sunday’s meeting of the economic Council at the level of ministers of economy and trade Arabs attended by the Minister of trade and agency Salman Jumaili.   

The Minister of State for the Jordanian media Mohammed Momani and spokesman for the government in his capacity as spokesman for the Arab League summit in a press statement: «We appreciate Iraq’s efforts in the fight against terrorism, and we salute the Iraqi government’s efforts in its efforts to liberate its territory from terrorism», congratulated the speaker «Iraqis on all the successes they have achieved the level of the Iraqi land clearing of terrorism », adding that« in the interests of Jordan and all Arab countries, the stability of Iraq and the elimination of terrorism and the return of displaced people ». For his part, the Jordanian Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Joseph North, that his ministry «held with the Iraqi side three meetings over several months, and that the reopening of the Trebil border crossing is a proposal being studied seriously and has a great importance for the Iraqi government, and that there is an agreement with security firm to ensure the protection of Amman – Baghdad’s international port will be opened soon, »without specifying date, indicating« that we appreciate the concern of the Iraqi forces in the liberation of Mosul », adding that« Trebil is a lung for Iraq and Jordan, and that trade has decreased significantly between the two countries and it was before the closure of the port is estimated one billion dollars »Iraq, which included up to a To the 28th of the Conference of the Arab summit, which started its primaries in Jordan, it is expected to represent Iraq at the summit, which is being held at the level of leaders next Wednesday; Prime Minister Dr. Haider another side, Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit confirmed the existence of the desire of Iraqi leaders to make a «breakthrough» in the internal situation, noting that it will be through an agreement on the restructuring of the political system and move away from quotas and the formation of political blocs comprising Alba.oukal Aboul Gheit said in a press statement: «I noticed certain each Iraqi leaders in desire make a breakthrough Balod P internal through agreement on the restructuring of the political system and move away from quotas, and the formation of political blocs includes everyone, competing in the framework of the elections, also noted that the brothers are asking ideas and formulations and specific memoranda of agreement on reconciliation after the liberation of Mosul, and focusing too much on Iraq as a springboard to re-process building and political reconciliation as soon as the stability of the security situation ».okan Aboul Gheit held last week for an official visit to Iraq, where he met a number of officials, including the heads of the Republic Fuad Masum and Minister Haider al-Abadi, parliament Saleem al-Jubouri.

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