Launching preparatory meetings for the 28th Arab Summit in Jordan

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(55 km south west of Amman) The preparatory meetings for the 28th Arab Summit scheduled for March 29 will be held at a meeting of senior officials of the Economic and Social Council of the League of Arab States to prepare for the meeting of the Council scheduled for Sunday.

The Secretary General of the Jordanian Ministry of Industry and Trade Yousuf Al-Shamali said in his address to the opening session of the meeting of senior officials of the Economic and Social Council that the potential, location and resources of our Arab nation and human nature drive us to seek to improve Arab economic cooperation and development of Arab inter-Arab investment, which does not exceed 20%.

The Jordanian official reviewed the file of intra-Arab trade. Describing him as still under the aspirations of the Arab peoples. Required to remove all the obstacles and constraints that prevent the increase inter-Arab trade, which does not exceed the percentage in the present time 10 percent for trade with the Arab world.

He stressed that the Jordanian role in this summit will not only have a rotating presidency, but it is also committed to working to find solutions to the problems that beset our region Arab. He pointed out that the common will will enhance joint Arab action, especially at this stage in which we look forward to issuing resolutions that express the aspirations of our Arab peoples, promote joint Arab action and revitalize the role of the Arab League and its organizations.

He warned that the Arab region is facing unprecedented challenges, and that the Arab summit circumstances makes it imperative for everyone coordination and cooperation to contribute to the unification of Arab ranks to confront these challenges.

For his part, the Assistant Secretary-General for Social Affairs of the League of Arab States Ambassador Badr al-Din al-Alali said that the meeting of senior officials of the Economic and Social Council will discuss the economic and social file in preparation for submission to the ministerial meeting and then to the Arab leaders on March 29.

He said: This file should be directly reflected on the Arab citizen and feel it. Stressing the importance of this meeting to develop innovative mechanisms to push forward the economic development process within the joint Arab action system, as the economic and social side are the main lever for cooperation and integration between our Arab countries.

The Council will consider the one-day meeting on the economic and social issues that will be submitted to the ministerial meeting of the Council in preparation for the Arab Summit, which includes, in addition to the semi-interim report for the Arab Atomic Energy Commission for the Implementation of Arab Strategies for the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy , the achievements of the Commission and a report on the achievements and requirements of the Arab customs Union and the Greater Arab Free trade area, and the vision and proposals and perceptions of Arab businessmen to the role of joint Arab action system, and the Arab strategy for scientific research and Walt Nologi innovation, Mnzawmte cooperation between the Arab League and the United Nations in the economic and social aspects.

The meeting will also discuss the unified agreement for the investment of Arab capital and the development of green belts in the Arab countries.

Source: INA



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