Joint Operations refutes civilian casualties in Mosul

March 23, 2017

The Journal News

Refuted joint operations, on Thursday, the news circulated by some media about civilian casualties of bombing was carried out by the Air Force in Mosul.

According to a statement to the media war, citing the joint operations, said that “some media circulated news and pictures of casualties of the families and civilians in the right side of Mosul, and in order to inform public opinion the real fully explain that al Daesh practicing the ugliest forms of treatment with our people in the areas that are still under their control, where some of the terrorists plunged amid Slapthm families and their property and booby-trapped freezers, refrigerators and placed in narrow roads. ”

The statement added, “also abandoned elements of the organization some families from their homes to be used for fighting, and the headquarters of the suicide bombers used threats, murder and starvation of women and children and adults to force them to Matrade them, as well as the Daesh filmed the innocent victims who are killing them that they are the victims of the bombing of Iraqi forces to mislead public opinion, and access to media gains In this way misleading. ”

It confirmed the joint operations on the “security forces also adhered to all the rules of engagement to protect civilians and spare them all at risk as a result of the operations, and still our troops continue to Thrber areas dismounted troops from house to house with the provision of humanitarian support for families, women and children and all citizens if they reach them.”

The statement continued, “It is certain that the terrorist Daesh, gasping for breath and do everything you can to harm innocent people to stir up public opinion.”


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