Trump congratulates Iran on the occasion of Persian New Year


Arab and international Wednesday 22 March 2017 time 18:51 pm (4204 views)
Trump congratulates Iran on the occasion of Persian New Year


BAGHDAD / Sky Press:


Sent US President Donald Trump, Wednesday, congratulating late to the Iranians on the occasion of the Persian New Year.

In a statement, he sent Trump, who publicly criticize Iran, “best greetings to all those celebrating Nowruz wonderful old all over the world.”

And it marked the Persian New Year holiday (Nowruz) on Tuesday, March 21 / March.

Former President Barack Obama sends congratulations to this every year in an attempt to get to the Iranians skeptical of US sanctions imposed on their country.

There are no official diplomatic relations between Iran and the United States, despite a recent agreement between Iran and major powers to cut Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for an easing of sanctions imposed on it.


In the first days of his administration, Trump warned Iran that the United States will take a tough stance against Iran’s actions in the Middle East.


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