Iraqi government announces exchange more than a billion dollars to contractors soon


Baghdad …

Announced Planning Minister Salman Jumaili, Wednesday, for the completion of the audit (1855) Treatment of $ 1 trillion and 364 billion dinars will be disbursed to contractors soon.
Jumaily said in a statement received “Economy News” that the total dues Contractors that have been audited by the Office of Financial Supervision reached one trillion and 364 billion Iraqi dinars, up to the sixteenth of March this month resulting from the audit (1855) treatment were identical.
He Jumaili, that the total amounts owed definitively reached about 4 trillion and (738) billion dinars .. Indicating that these benefits have been reached after coordination with the ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry and the provinces through a series of workshops held by the Ministry of Planning those actors with the participation of the Ministry of Finance and the Office of financial supervision during which they discuss and show the challenges and problems that were facing the disbursement of entitlements process.
He Jumaili, that the number of transactions submitted to the Office of Financial Supervision up to the middle of the current month of March amounted to (7) thousand and (23) Amaalmlh .. He pointed out that the ministry has asked all stakeholders to give their viewpoint on the observations raised about these transactions in order to reach the final results of the audit and then disbursed to eligible contractors .. blaming the relevant authorities for the delay in the event of failure to answer those important notes.
He said the corresponding transactions relative to the total transactions made was about (26.41%) has been to the provinces the largest share of the total transactions made by amounting to more than 1,400 treatment in the share of ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry (453) treatment only, adding that the dues provinces according to the total transactions made, which will be disbursed to the beneficiaries of contractors amounted to about 614 billion dinars either ministries dues amounted to 750 billion and 288 million dinars, until on March 16 2017.

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