The summit of Abbadi – Trump historical .. Success and connotations

Author: Abdel Halim Rahimi

22/3/2017 12:00 am

The final statement issued after the end of the historic Abadi-Trump summit and the delegations accompanying them ended at midnight on Monday the nature of the great success achieved by the visit of Dr. Abadi to Washington as well as the nature of the strong and promising future relationship between Iraq and the United States. “President Trump was keen to host Prime Minister Abadi at the White House as one of the first presidents of the world to pay tribute to the role of Iraq and to support the close relationship between the American and Iraqi peoples and the importance of the relationship,” he said. Between the two governments. “ “The United States and Iraq will continue to commit themselves to a comprehensive partnership of benefit to both countries over the years to come.” The final statement was not the only one to reflect the great success achieved by the historic summit between the Prime Minister of Iraq, But also, and basically, the nature and atmosphere of the meeting of the friendly and positive summit and important files put forward by Abadi and dialogue and understanding with the vision of President Trump and his view of Iraq and the situation of the region, which presented the media important parts of them, foremost of which Abadi calls for Washington more military support in various fields So that Iraq will continue its victorious war and victories against the oppressor. As well as the file of the internal situation in Iraq and the policy pursued by his government to reform and achieve good governance and keen on the balanced relationship between the various social components and political blocs. The other file is the file of Iraq’s foreign policy, especially with the countries of the region, particularly Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, as well as Turkey, Syria and Jordan Where Abadi explained his keenness to develop these relations and overcome the partial problems between them and Iraq to serve the greater strategic interests, and to emphasize the rejection of the policy of the axis and the establishment of balanced relations instead. It seems that the clarification of this policy was welcomed and satisfied by the American side, where the two sides were keen to reverse and confirmed in the final statement, and in another file focused Abadi on the request for economic and financial support and the multiplication of US companies to work and investment in Iraq, which is going through a financial crisis, The crisis of the displaced as well as the demand to contribute to the reconstruction of the areas destroyed by the Da’ash after it was liberated. In addition, Abadi stressed to the American side and President Trump the need to activate the strategic framework agreement signed in 2008 between Iraq and the United States, which the officials of the two countries in the last phase are responsible for freezing, and therefore the spirit must be revived now with full force. It seems that there are other important and sensitive issues addressed by the summit and the media did not address them clearly, but Abadi deliberately clarified some of them to the Americans and the world public opinion, through his speech at the American Institute for Peace, which visited him at the invitation immediately after the end of the summit, As well as other issues, the relationship with Iran in light of the tension between them and Washington, as well as the issue of his government’s position of the popular mobilization and its future after the end of the battle against the dashing and elimination in Iraq. On the relationship with Iran, he said that Iraq’s relationship with it, as with the rest of the neighboring countries of the region, and that Iraq stands on neutrality in the conflict of any regional or international, but will use the positive relationship with them and opponents such as Saudi Arabia and the United States to wet the atmosphere of relations between them and his good offices in this regard He was asked to do so. As for the popular crowd, he praised his efforts, sacrifices and support for the other armed forces in the war against Daqash. He criticized the campaigns being waged against him by some forces inside and in some countries of the region. Iraq and the disarmament of those who do not wish to join the Iraqi army and that the use of this weapon after that will be considered out of the law. Thus, contrary to the fuss and the campaign of harsh and objectivity launched by the political and media reasons that have always talked about Abadi himself, the visit and the meeting of the summit – And some of them described Trump’s call to Abadi as a call to dictate the conditions and positions, and that he would face a difficult test with the questions that Trump would give him. Some of the media’s reasons were in the examination in addressing the arrogance and objectivity of this missionary visit to Washington, Their faces masks the claim of objectivity and the transfer of truth, professionalism and neutrality !.
Finally, it can be said that the implications of the visit of Abadi and the accompanying delegation to Washington and held a summit meeting between him and Trump has been a great success for Iraq and for himself, a success that even his opponents and opponents can not deny because it is a success for Iraq. This visit has opened a new chapter in Iraq-US relations, which, of course, differs from the confusing and unclear relationship that has taken place since 2003. With this new relationship and its promising prospects, Iraq will be able to overcome its crisis with American support and support, its future development and prosperity will enable Iraq to rebuild Its economy, infrastructure and all the urban facilities benefiting from that support and assistance and new relations with the largest and richest country in the world, and the implementation of the strategic framework agreement after its development and Iraq will be a friend and a key partner of America as he wants and seeks, which wants and seeks Washington also, Trump himself That … and that gave indications of what this historic visit of the United States of America.


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