Bank and the International Monetary Fund confirm support for Baghdad


3/22/2017 0:00

WASHINGTON / morning
between Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, that his government does not want to link Iraq with loans far – reaching, pointing out that it is seeking to create jobs and develop the country ‘s capabilities in many areas, while a delegation from the World Bank showed the latter is ready to help Iraq in the financial crisis.
The prime minister ‘s office said in a statement: ” The Prime Minister received at his residence in Washington (On Monday , ) and the World Bank delegation , ” noting that ” the delegation affirmed its support for Iraq in the financial crisis and help Iraq create jobs and training and development of human potential , ” he noted Abadi , according to the statement, ” the importance of the World Bank support for Iraq at this stage and we do not want to link Iraq ‘s long – term loans , but to create jobs and develop our capabilities in many areas to serve the country and our citizens.”
He also met with al – Abadi, at his residence in Washington, the International Monetary Fund delegation, the delegation reiterated its support reform of the measures undertaken by the government and Iraq ‘s success in the BIOS of these reforms, stressing the IMF ‘s commitment to this support, while Dr. Abadi stressed ” the government continues its program reform and strengthen state institutions and job creation and to correct the erroneous economic tracks, “the prime contract, a separate meeting with members of the American Chamber of Commerce.

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