Abadi: Trump recognizes the importance of the role of Iraq and US support will accelerate



Since 03.21.2017 at 01:30 (Baghdad time)

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Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Monday that he received assurances during talks with US President Donald Trump and his administration to increase US support with the passage of Iraq in the campaign against the organization of the Islamic state.

Ebadi said after talks with Trump at the White House “We got assurances that support (the US) will not only continue, but will accelerate Iraq in order to accomplish the mission.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi revealed that “the current US administration wants to be more involved in the fight against terrorism” from the previous administration, in a speech to the United States Institute of Peace.

He explained that the increased involvement in the fight against terrorism does not mean an increase in working in Iraq, US forces, because the American public opinion and public opinion “in other places,” do not wish to do so.

He stressed that “this administration and this president are aware of the importance of Iraq and the role played in the region,” he continued, “we have given us assurances that the US support for Iraq will accelerate” to succeed Iraq achieve stability.

An invitation to the “lack of deviation”

After confirming that Iraq has failed to liberate their land and prove that it is possible to get rid of Daesh, he pointed out that there is a problem is that “some countries see terrorism as terrorism when it is against it while you see from a different perspective when it is not against it.”

He called on everyone to “no deviation from the face of Daesh and not worry about other things.”

He called on regional states not to use terrorist organizations to achieve gains in their disputes, saying that such use is that led to the rise of Daesh.

The challenge of democracy

The president of the Iraqi government to build a better Iraq can not be done only by listening to the views of opponents.

He said that the Iraqi government should be responsible for all people, “regardless of their beliefs” and demonstrate it in their dealings with citizens.

“We do not say that we have succeeded, but we put an outline.”

He said Abadi, that “would be a sad day if the people think that the dictatorship is better than democracy.”

He pointed out that under any circumstances the failure to provide protection and any way not to fight against corruption, “we have failed.”

Plan connector

And Iraq plan connector after its liberation, Abadi said, “We must win people to our side.”

He explained, “We need more funding to achieve stability and prosperity in Mosul. If we prove to people that their situation after the liberation of their areas will be better in terms of both stability and economic conditions, we have succeeded.”

He criticized some Iraqi politicians who refuse to conduct separation between political work and between the armed action, stressing that “when it is politically and take up arms, it means that you will use the weapon in politics.”

And dealing with the popular crowd after the liberation of the entire Iraqi territory Daesh said it should not be said to them, “Thank you and go back to your homes” in order not simply that the country might think their sacrifices are not estimated.

He stressed that it will be included for those who wish the popular crowd fighters to Iraqi forces and the disarming of those who do not want to join the army.

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