knows the order of the most powerful armies ofIraq within the region


Find out about the order of the most powerful armies of Iraq within the region
2 minutes ago

Twilight News / battles may be the real way to compare military forces to each other, but fortunately, the world did not have many opportunities in recent countries to review military forces in bloody wars, despite the continued fighting and thecontinuing wars in a number of countries in the world, including Arab countries.
However, the assessment of a simple purely military force could be very interesting, so we resorted to the Global Index of military force, which classifies military force in 106 countries based on more than 50 workers, including the state budget and military manpower and the amount of equipment for each country in their own arsenal , andnatural resources.
The index focuses on quantitative and qualitative ignores important differences, such as the absence of a permanent naval force in the landlocked States, and does not take into account the nuclear stockpile, which is still a trump card in the end in thepolitical geography.
As the Business Insider American site displays the top 25 army in a graph, according to the index of the global military force , which was issued in April / April last (before events such as the Russian invasion of East Ukraine in August / August and strikes Daesh stun in Iraq and the escalation between Israel and Hamas) and involves on acomplex set of data that are subject to constant adjustments and corrections.
Middle East countries topping .. Egypt the first Arab
forefront of Turkey , the index being the greatest military power in the Middle East, coming in eighth place, while Egypt occupies the second place at the level of theMiddle East, Arab and first, as ranking 12 among the world comes.
As Israel comes as the third largest military force in the Middle East Taking upranked 16th global index, followed by Iran , the fourth largest in the region byobtaining the 21st place, followed by Saudi Arabia is ranked 24th in the world, and thefifth in the Middle East, and the second in the Arab region .
And it occupies Algeria ranked 3 Arabs, and 26 globally, according to the index, followed by Syria at the center of the 36, and in the fifth Arab ranked the Kingdom ofMorocco come again, and in the order of 56 at the global level, then the United Arab Emirates at the center of the 58 globally, followed by Iraq in the center of the 59th, and Yemen ranked 61 globally, and the eighth Arab.
Then Jordan, Sudan and Libya come in the 70 centers, 71, and 72 of the world respectively, then Tunisia, Oman and Kuwait, topping the centers between 76 and 78, and Bahrain , the 91 Center, and Qatar in the 93, followed in the 95 position globally Lebanon.

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