Announces rapid reaction near the liberation Great Mosque Nouri



It confirmed the rapid reaction leadership on Saturday that the coming hours will witness the great liberation Nouri mosque, noting that the last storming of the mosque is bad weather two days ago.

A spokesman for the rapid reaction Ammar Moussawi said the ‘rapid reaction forces locked in fierce battles against Daesh gangs in the vicinity of the Great Mosque of Al-Nouri, who saw the inauguration of the criminal organization leader Daesh terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s speech’.

He added that the ‘adverse weather conditions are causing delays in freeing the mosque until now and will see the next few hours editing the mosque completely and raise the Iraqi flag over it.’

Moussawi said that the ‘elements Daesh in the defense of desperate Nouri mosque because of its great symbolic fall for them and mean the fall of the terrorist caliphate platform’.

He stressed that the ‘battles waged by our troops have killed hundreds of Ansar Daesh, as well as smashing dozens of bombs and the wheels of vehicles’.


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