IMF praises the ability of the Iraqi government to confront terrorism

BAGHDAD – The Journal News
said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh , the financial advisor to theprime minister, on Friday, the Iraqi government delegation meeting with the International Monetary Fund in Amman ” an important and successful.”

Saleh said in a statement received “Journal News”, said the meeting with the government delegation of the International Monetary Fund was a second revision of the standby credit agreement consultations with the International Monetary Fund and the results have been very successful and the Fund will issue a final statement in this regard. ”

He added that “some of the statistical data and digital realities on expenditures and general revenue fund broader clarifications were requested will be presented at the end of next April the Fund has praised the Iraqi government ‘s ability in the face of terrorism and Aldaasha impressive victories achieved under exceptional economic circumstances.”
” The program with the IMF is going normally and typically very successful.”

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